This is what Clients have to say about Calm Today and The Eris Point

Debbie made me feel safe, trusting and comfortable. She strengthened my belief in myself and my inner spirit. She has a pure heart and soul and her devotion is second to none.

– Carl, Inmate, OCI

The first time I heard the word ‘Namaste’ you told me that it means ‘the light in me recognizes and honours the light in you.’ I’d been in the dark so long, your light was dazzling and helped me navigate my way to a better place. Thank you!

– Kirk, Inmate, OCI

The Calm Program made it easy to finally stop and focus on meditation and mindfulness, something I had been meaning to do for a long time. Deb’s soothing guided meditations helped me slow down and truly be “in the moment”. She did an amazing job of educating us about concepts like the body-mind connection, our energy system, and the benefits of noticing the potential meaning of everyday synchronicities that happen in our lives.  Deb’s calm, patient and caring presence is ultimately at the core of the Calm Program. Highly recommended for those who need a kickstart in their meditation practice – and definitely worth doing!

– Karen M, Focus Group Consultant

The Calm Today program lead by Deborah Hall was a significant help to me, both professionally and personally. At the time that I took her program, I was just starting a new position at a new company where I expected a fair amount of stress to accompany my days. What I learned in her program was how to stay centered, focused and in-the-moment, and how to eliminate negative thoughts. Not only am I more productive and effective at work, I’m extrodinarily satisfied as well.

– David Smith, Vice-President, Partner Sales

The Calm program is very valuable – a well planned course that taps into human potential in a way that is very easy to understand and put to practice immediately. These techniques have pesonally helped my ability to calmly mentor and coach especially through challenging times and periods of rapid change. The exercises are great to deflate and deal with stress.

– George Michel, CEO & President

Living with Attention Deficit Disorder and being a busy teacher, I never thought I could actually slow down long enough to do “The CALM Program”. I was wrong. I not only looked forward to the class every week, but have since gone off my A.D.D. medication because of the peace Debbie has introduced into my life.

– Kelly Nicholson, Teacher

Being an Accountant, I tended to look at issues as either black or white. Through The Calm Program, I learned how to approach things in a much different way. Debbie’s supportive role has transformed the way I view life and nudged me to become more creative and to live deeper. I now know that there can be several solutions to a problem and I’ve experienced stunning results. The Calm Program has truly been life-changing.

– Myra Scott, Certified General Accountant

I have attended other meditative classes in the past which promoted a calm mind, but this time “I got it”. Deb helped me understand the meaning of true meditation. Her unique Calm Program offers effective ways to put stress into a manageable perspective. I recommend the Calm Program for those who have a difficult time “turning it down or turning it off.” This program can truly change your life — it has changed mine!

– Irene Marie Dorey, Freelance Designer, Photographer

Like many people, I spend a lot of time “in my head” – thinking, analyzing, observing. Debbie’s approach helped me reconnect with my non-alaytical self, where I can be far more creative and open to ideas. She is a kind and patient guide, and a wonderfully bright light to follow.

– Christie Day, Freelance Writer

The CALM Program has helped me to live in the present moment and to understand the benefits of allowing my mind to become quiet and to just simply breathe. Debbie has truly helped me to awaken.

– Elona Raabner, Fitness Instructor

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