3 Costly Mistakes Preventing Your Peace of Mind

Mistake #1 – Your body and mind are separate. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

It’s been said that “You may fool yourself some of the time. You may fool others some of the time. But, you can never fool your body. It is the most sensitive barometer of your inner world.” And, both are inter-connected. “What tones and calms one, soothes and improves the other.”

Your behaviour is actually creating worldly and psychic frameworks that future humanity and your descendants will inhabit.

Solution – Choose your acts and thoughts very wisely. Life responds to wise attention in remarkable ways! A body scan is a good way to begin to live mindfully. Your mind has a direct impact on your body. What inhabits your body? Your mind. If the mind is tense, and disconnected, the body will match. Doing a body scan is a simple technique that helps you to energetically wake up your body-mind connection.

Mistake #2– Your Thinking Mind. I know it sounds silly but most people’s thinking is automatic, repetitive and involuntary. You don’t think. Thinking happens to you. The voice in the head has a mind of its own, and unfortunately most people are at the mercy of that voice. Your mind picks up all kinds of things from earlier in the day and “replays” it endlessly, or it’s restless and can’t stop running around. These are all very powerful internal states and your mind gets attached to this conditioned way of thinking. Your mind wants attention right now!

Solution: Get out of your head! Let go of the stories. Free your mind by sitting quietly. Try paying attention to your breathing. This not only changes the direction of your focus, but it also helps in not strengthening your wayward thoughts.

Mistake #3 – Your Ego. Yikes! This is a big one. For thousands of years humanity has become mind-possessed. Because we have become so identified through our mind, a false sense of ourself came into being – the ego. And there’s even more to this.

Another dimension of the ego is emotion. Emotion turns into ego when you identify with them; that is to say when they become “I” takes over.

Explained a different way, let’s say that you see two of your friends over in the corner having a quiet conversation. Your mind observes this and then begins to chatter away. Saying things like “I bet they’re over there talking about me.” Or, “I just know that they’re talking about what happened today at the gym.” You have not only become emotional, but the situation becomes about you.

Solution – How do you get a handle on this? You need to let go of the story and return to the only place of power. The Present Moment. You hang onto your stories because it strengthens your identity. But, nothing ever happened in the past that can prevent you from being Present Now. And, if the past can’t prevent you from being Present Now, what power does it have? Again, become quiet in your body and allow your mind to become still so it can see what is really there. This is called having a mindful experience.