Mind Full or Mindful? – Tip #6

The mind may pick up all kinds of things from earlier in the day and “replay” it endlessly.  Or, it may have low energy, or the mind may be restless and can’t stop running around.  Another state of mind is when it is full of worry or doubt.  These are all powerful internal states and the mind gets attached to these habitual ways of thinking.  They want attention right now.  You can free your mind by just staying with the breath and not strengthening them.

Mind Chatter…Me??!!! – Tip #5

Don’t kid yourself.  We all have monkey mind!  We have become increasingly mind-possessed. Mindfulness practice aims at fostering an awareness and observing whatever comes into your mind without judging it or getting caught up in it, just letting the thoughts go.  Even if your mind is chattering away, it doesn’t matter.  Just come back to the breath.