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Fear. What Is It Good For? Absolutely Nothing.


change-717488_640“A miracle is a shift in perception from fear to love.”

…Marianne Williamson

Easy to say. Not so easy to do.

Especially since we’ve been weened on fear since birth. It’s been part of our conditioning. A part of our limited thinking.

You know, things that were said to us as we were growing up like “Money doesn’t grow on trees you know” or, “You wait until your father gets home.” This limiting fear belief is unconscious and so it is difficult to recognize. And, you seldom question it because you are not even aware that it is a belief.

And, since fear keeps us forever revving our motor…constantly thinking about how fast we can solve this problem, or the warp-speed with which we can finish up that task, there is never any time for us to slow down or get out of the rat race.

This, of course ultimately takes its toll on us. In ways we haven’t been able to imagine until recently. Things like depression and mental health issues that have reached epidemic levels.

But, here’s something to ponder. “If you look underneath your depression, you’ll find anger. Look under your anger, and you’ll find sadness. And under sadness is the root of it all, what’s really masquerading all the while…fear.”

Well, this changes everything! And, I sense that there’s a part of ourselves that is longing to be born and it requires only our nourishing attention.

If we begin to understand that our emotions (like fear) create our body chemistry, then we can change how we feel, we won’t need drugs to keep us going, and best of all, we won’t be depressed.

So, we now have a new way to think. Look at it this way: We are no longer a machine made up of a body being pushed around by a brain, at the mercy of an electrical charge that keeps our hearts beating and our nerve impulses crackling.

No. We can now see ourselves as an intelligent system, one that involves a massive synchronized exchange of information between mind and body. Our cells are literally talking to each other, and our brain is in on the conversation!

As I said earlier….This changes everything! It means our true identity is very connected to our feelings and our emotions. This not only gives us a new self-concept but a new sense of integrity as well.

For, as we begin to realize that our body has wisdom, this calls for a new kind of responsibility on our part. We can no longer act like a dumb machine and wait to be fixed by a mechanic (also known as a doctor). Now we must consciously take an active role in our own healing.

We no longer need to go around promoting how happy we are when we don’t really feel that way. No longer do we need to keep our feelings hidden, for fear others will be indifferent to our sorrows or anger.

It is this problem of bruised and broken emotions that most of us stagger under without ever saying a word. NOT. ANYMORE.

Here’s why.

Feelings represent a tremendous amount of concentrated information. And the clearer and stronger the feelings, the more knowledge of the Universe it contains.

In the end, it is our feelings that are able to scan all the information from our outside environment. It is through feelings, not through our mind or intellect that we are able to perceive the truth.

Think of it as a reset for the mind and the body. This is the new thinking that is required to help move us into the “new normal” we are now living in. How cool is that?!!



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The “New Normal” We are Now Living In And How To Make It Work For You


It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

It is a fact that we are living in a time of extremes. That doesn’t mean that only bad things are happening, or even good things for that matter. But, that we are living in a time when really BIG things are happening. We can no longer separate the big things that are happening in our world from ourselves and our everyday lives and our families.

Yes, our world is changing in ways we have never seen and in ways we are not used to. I mean, we don’t have a good guide, or a good blueprint, or a good textbook. And, the significance of this is that we need to think and act differently. More so now than at any time in the past.

There is a trigger for this change that we are seeing now that makes this so unlike the times of our parents or our grandparents.

There is a convergence of three powerful cycles of change that we were not taught about in school.

These three cycles of change that are staring us in the face right now…this window of time where a cycle of conflict is converging with the climate cycle and the economic cycle…well, that is a recipe for tremendous change.

For us it means that we are not going to stop that cycle…our worlds and our lives are changing.

This is the new normal we are living in. And, because we’ve been so conditioned in the past to look at the world we’ve known and say “This is not the ways things should be,” it makes it hard for us to embrace something that is new.

But, now is the time to get honest with ourselves. We’re going to see a shift in our weather, we’re going to see volatile economies. And through that volatility in the way people work together and embrace that, is how we will move forward and begin to solve our problems…rather than trying to do everything we’ve done in the past that led to our problems to begin with.

And, a very new discovery that has caught the medical profession off guard is the fact that our ability to embrace change is directly linked to our heart and our brain and the connection that the two of them make together.

The quality of that communication determines the chemistry that’s released into our bodies, our anti-age hormones, our immune response…is it strong or is it weak? And, that is driven largely by emotion and the way we feel about our world…our perceptions.

Are you beginning to see what an important role the heart plays in all of us moving forward in a healthy way? So important in fact, that scientists have coined a term “the little brain inside the heart.”

And, this little brain inside the heart has the ability to function independently from the brain in our head. It can remember on its own, it has its own way of thinking, its own way of learning, its own way of feeling and ~ it can be connected. In a way that will empower us and open the door to a multitude of really extraordinary experiences.

But, until we learn how to marry the wisdom of our heart with the utility of the mind, any information we receive will remain “just information” in the clutter of our mind that we soon forget.

However, when we establish this connection, it’s a hotline to our sub-conscious mind where we must communicate in a healthy way if we’re going to change unhealthy patterns in our lives.

Yes, it is only through reconnecting our heart to our brain that we will be able to solve the problems of this “new normal” that we are living in.







How To Go From ‘Why me?’ To ‘Why not me?’


“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.”
…Ryunosuke Satoro


I am only now getting over this cold thing that has taken hold of me and held on for dear life! Needless to say I have not been at my best, most optimistic self.

I’ve had nasty, negative thoughts. A mean-spirited disposition. There didn’t seem to be anything that could rally me out of these doldrums. And, that is when I realized that Holy Cow! I must have some vile toxins inside this body of mine.

And it was then, that I decided to surrender. You see, I was fighting this cold. I was resisting what my body was telling me and I just kept going. Those toxins needed to get out. They were interfering with the harmony and natural balance of my energy system. So, I hunkered down, holed up, and listened to the whispers of my own body.

And, these words came back to me. Whatever you fight you strengthen. Whatever you resist, persists. And, whatever you fear, you draw near.

I initiated that first step when I made the choice to surrender and allow myself to heal. The Universe then reciprocated, opened her arms and….

gave me my daughter who helped me to heal by just being there with me.

For, it wasn’t until my daughter called and told me she was on her way over that I actually started to feel better. We spent the afternoon picking out a tree for the holidays. We baked Christmas goodies. We ate dinner by the fire. We drank wine and watched a Christmas classic. And, when I ran out of steam, she took over.

We forget sometimes, when we are down on our luck, or tired of all the insanity in this world, that we are not alone. Ever. Sure, we can sit there and wallow in our own misery. But, that just keeps us forever drowning.

It’s not until we consciously opt to do something good for ourselves, without knowing what the outcome will be, fully aware that there are no guarantees…that we can really reap the  rewards for not only ourselves, but for all of humanity.

I know that there is more I certainly need to do, but there is a stirring happening out there. I am a witness to all this insanity sure, but I am also seeing a growing enlightenment. I know this much for sure. We are all connected. And, we need to collectively clear away that which is no longer serving us through our own individual efforts ie. planting or making a sacrifice to Mother Earth and, by coming together and taking a stand for the land we live on wherever we are.

People are restless and the establishment is imploding. Consciousness is peaking through and for some it’s like a light switch has been thrown on!

I know too, that if it’s happening to me, it’s happening to others.

There are many people now bringing their wisdom forward to help further consciousness. And, I am very thankful for that. It’s working. It’s epic!

How Safe Is Your Body From Your Mind?


“Life responds to wise attention in remarkable ways!”

I’m afraid I have to take a bit of my own advice today and heed the message my body is trying to tell me. I’ve been going hard for the past week all while ignoring a dry, sore throat, watery eyes, runny nose…I’m sure each and every one of you know what I’m talking about. Well, I need to STOP. And, today is the day. After all, what inhabits your body? The mind. And if the mind is tense, disconnected, the body will match. The body’s intelligence is listening to the mind and it will respond in its own language. So, today my body is screaming at me in its unique language to be gentle with myself.

This week, remember this. Your mind and body are always giving you the opportunity to re-balance. They will adjust you in magical ways if you give them some wise attention. For, when you pay attention, they ‘leap’ at the opportunity to help you get back into balance.

So, as for me, I’m hunkering down and tucking in to bed today but leaving you with this…

If you missed it before, and even if you didn’t, this is such an uplifting video. Beautiful young people, with a beautiful message. They are tuned in to this planet and see its potential. And, after all, they are our future. Enjoy.

A Body Scan – Tip #17

Life responds to wise attention in remarkable ways!  A body scan is a good way to begin how to live mindfully.  Meditation is not all about your mind, it’s about your body too.  Your mind has a direct impact on your body.  What inhabits your body?  Your mind.  If the mind is tense, disconnected, the body will match.  Doing a body scan is a simple technique that helps you to energetically wake up your body-mind connection.

Mind-Body Connection – Tip #15

“You may fool yourself some of the time.  You may fools others some of the time.  But, you can never fool your body.  It is the most sensitive barometer of your inner world.”

Your behaviour is actually creating worldly and psychic structures that future humanity and your descendants will inhabit.  Therefore, choose your acts and thoughts very wisely.

Body Intelligence – Tip #13

Your body has it’s own intelligence and it reacts to what your mind is saying.  The body’s intelligence is this:  it is the organizing principle behind all the workings of the body…the heartbeat, the circulation of your blood.  You don’t tell your body to do these things, the intelligence does.  Therefore, be very careful of the thoughts you are having because they will affect your body.

What The Heck Is a Chakra? – Tip #4

The word chakra is from the Sanskrit word meaning “wheel of light”.  At the central core of our body spin seven main wheel-like energy centres called Chakras.  These chakras have the ability to receive, assimilate and transmit energy.  The body’s job is to maintain balance and the free-flow of energy.  The chakras are an energetic gateway, feeding the body energy and providing an outlet for the release and dispersal of spent energy.



3 Costly Mistakes Preventing Your Peace of Mind

Mistake #1 – Your body and mind are separate. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

It’s been said that “You may fool yourself some of the time. You may fool others some of the time. But, you can never fool your body. It is the most sensitive barometer of your inner world.” And, both are inter-connected. “What tones and calms one, soothes and improves the other.”

Your behaviour is actually creating worldly and psychic frameworks that future humanity and your descendants will inhabit.

Solution – Choose your acts and thoughts very wisely. Life responds to wise attention in remarkable ways! A body scan is a good way to begin to live mindfully. Your mind has a direct impact on your body. What inhabits your body? Your mind. If the mind is tense, and disconnected, the body will match. Doing a body scan is a simple technique that helps you to energetically wake up your body-mind connection.

Mistake #2– Your Thinking Mind. I know it sounds silly but most people’s thinking is automatic, repetitive and involuntary. You don’t think. Thinking happens to you. The voice in the head has a mind of its own, and unfortunately most people are at the mercy of that voice. Your mind picks up all kinds of things from earlier in the day and “replays” it endlessly, or it’s restless and can’t stop running around. These are all very powerful internal states and your mind gets attached to this conditioned way of thinking. Your mind wants attention right now!

Solution: Get out of your head! Let go of the stories. Free your mind by sitting quietly. Try paying attention to your breathing. This not only changes the direction of your focus, but it also helps in not strengthening your wayward thoughts.

Mistake #3 – Your Ego. Yikes! This is a big one. For thousands of years humanity has become mind-possessed. Because we have become so identified through our mind, a false sense of ourself came into being – the ego. And there’s even more to this.

Another dimension of the ego is emotion. Emotion turns into ego when you identify with them; that is to say when they become “I” takes over.

Explained a different way, let’s say that you see two of your friends over in the corner having a quiet conversation. Your mind observes this and then begins to chatter away. Saying things like “I bet they’re over there talking about me.” Or, “I just know that they’re talking about what happened today at the gym.” You have not only become emotional, but the situation becomes about you.

Solution – How do you get a handle on this? You need to let go of the story and return to the only place of power. The Present Moment. You hang onto your stories because it strengthens your identity. But, nothing ever happened in the past that can prevent you from being Present Now. And, if the past can’t prevent you from being Present Now, what power does it have? Again, become quiet in your body and allow your mind to become still so it can see what is really there. This is called having a mindful experience.