Really. Is There Any Hope? What’s Your Contribution?

“If you don’t build your dreams, someone will hire you to build theirs.”

We all have the ability to live inspired lives but we have suppressed our dreams for so long that we don’t know where to begin to find out how or where to ignite them again.

It reminds me of a great story… a Hindi legend.

One time all men on earth were gods, but men so sinned and abused the Divine so much that Brahma, the god of all gods, decided that the godhead should be taken away from man and hidden some place where he would never again find it to abuse it.

“We will bury it deep in the earth”, said the other gods. “No”, said Brahma, “because man will dig down in the earth and find it.”

“Then we will sink it in the deepest ocean”, they said. “No,” said Brahma, because man will learn to dive and find it there, too.”

“We will hide it on the highest mountain,” they said. “No,” said Brahma, “because man will some day climb every mountain on the earth and again capture the godhead.”

“Then we do not know where to hide it where he cannot find it,” said the lesser gods.

“I will tell you”, said Brahma. “Hide it down in man himself. He will never think to look there.”

And that is what they did. Hidden down in every man is the Divine. Ever since then he has gone over the earth digging, diving, climbing, looking for that godlike quality which all the time is hidden down within himself.

Wow! For some reason, this story hit me hard! In a nutshell, it’s where we all need to go, but unfortunately 99% of us look everywhere BUT. That’s the answer right there. That is where you must go to ignite your dreams again! To make them a reality.

There is hope!

Hidden within yourself is a treasure chest full… Pearls of wisdom that are unique to you and, only you can access them. It is there that you need to own the treasures of your soul. Put them to good use. In the interest of humanity.

You see, you have a role to play in the awakening and healing of this planet. You are alive right now at this super critical turning point in history for a reason.

With jobs being cut, and people being downsized there has begun a movement to create something new. And better. People everywhere are really stretching themselves to produce something meaningful for humanity. And, there is a wonderful shift occurring in the hearts and minds of the people on this planet. There can be nothing finer than to utilize a business to create a positive change in the world.

As we move into this Age of Consciousness, the gifts that we’ve developed as children ie. computers, technology, agriculture, are the gifts we now need to apply to our true purpose. With care. Consciously. To feed our souls. For the betterment of all.


Because, a creative, sacred economy is the fuel of brilliance.

How Can You Contribute?

Well… if you know you’ve received a gift, the natural response is gratitude. Let’s start with that.

To give gifts, you need community. And, you can’t have community as an add-on to a material life. You actually have to need each other.

We are all in this together. We are all connected. Materialism is dead. Consciousness is the root of everything and our interconnectedness is more apparent than ever.

Humanity is awakening at an ever-increasing speed and your gift is needed now more than ever before! Remember “energy flows where attention goes.”

You may know this truth in your heart. And, remember this truth that was born in you upon your arrival into this world is quietly sitting there waiting for you because…
“If you do not go within, you shall surely go without.”