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Just A Butterfly On My Hand

If you advance confidently in the direction of your own dreams and endeavor to live the life which you have imagined, you will meet with a success unexpected in common hours. It will chase you.”

…Henry David Thoreau

Yesterday was a world-class day.

Have you ever witnessed or experienced something that was so profoundly beautiful that it brought tears to your eyes?

This is the highest octave of any day’s energetics.

Beauty has many forms and definitions.  It applies to anything and everything.

I write almost every day and I do not have words to describe what happened to me yesterday.  It is one of those days when I wish I was an artist of some kind because words fail me when attempting to describe what happened.  Playing an instrument, dancing, or using the voice for singing would be the only way to fully engender the meaning.

Thus, I will honor the beauty of the heart of it as purely and as simply as I can: We are greatly loved, and the enormity of it is realized by us only in flickers.

The stars flickered for us yesterday.  And, strangely here is what happened…

As most of you know, I lost one of my sisters to breast cancer and the void she left can be all-consuming some days. But, on other days, well, things magical happen. “As above, so below” is an ancient adage that declares a belief in the physical connection between heaven and earth. And, yesterday I experienced a mystical moment.

But, first I must tell you that, for our family, butterflies are very significant. Whenever we see a butterfly we know that my sister is close by. This is because, shortly after her death, her daughter who was seeing a grief counselor, was asked: “If your mommy could come back, what would she come back as?” She responded almost immediately and with great conviction: “Oh, my mommy would be a butterfly.”

And, when at Christmas of the same year, she yanked on her clacker, (that yearly tradition in some Christian households) to get her gift that was inside…and a butterfly popped out, we knew without a doubt that my sister, who had a great sense of humor, was making a visit. So…ever since then….butterflies are significant.

Well, as it happened, yesterday a man came up to me with his hands cupped. He opened them and then gently placed on my finger, the coolest, most beautiful butterfly. A Swallowtail Butterfly to be exact. You rarely see any of them, though, as they spend much of their lives feeding high up in trees, and do so mostly at night.

Not yesterday. Yesterday, this stunning, graceful, elegant, exquisite living being, visited me and stayed on my hand for at least 15 minutes! In the midst of all the craziness and insanity that this world is doling out right now; in the middle of this huge transition that humanity is going through, I actually drew a crowd as people wanted to see up close the beauty of this spectacular butterfly.

And, I got quite emotional as I stood there. For, you see, I knew without a doubt that this was my sister paying us a visit. And, she had the ability to make people pause for a second, from their busy lives, to admire the beauty this world has to offer.

I realized something else too. In the parallel of the cycle of growth of a butterfly, we are in the time of the “growing season” when the caterpillar cocoons and makes its way through the darkness of the chrysalis to come out into the light of day.  In the natural cycle, this is the time of persevering through challenges to our hopes, wishes and dreams.

My sister showed me in her quiet, ethereal, unearthly, kind of way that just as she made the transformation from caterpillar to butterfly, we too, are being lifted above and beyond.  Out of harm’s way.

So, advance confidently in the direction of your dreams. If you do, you’ll meet with a success that can only be imagined! It will chase you. My sister chased us yesterday. It was a beautiful act of love.



How To Grand Slam Your Destiny In One Word…And It’s Not What You Think


“It’s impossible,” said Pride…”It’s risky,” said Experience…”It’s pointless,” said Reason…”Give it a try.” whispered the Heart.”


Sometimes life hurls a curve ball at us. Sometimes life lobs us a sucker punch. No one is immune. We all get ’em at some point in our life.

It’s at those moments when we are driven to our knees by an overwhelming conviction that there is no where else to go...well, it’s at those moments when, for some, a light bulb goes off. A decision is made.

Just a single nano moment in time when, for some, they find deep within themselves, something to live for. Some meaning that they put at the centre of their lives where even the worst kind of suffering becomes bearable.

What is it that they discover? What is it that sets off this inner drive that NO ONE can puncture?

Push everything aside for a few moments and check this one out…

You won’t find the depth of this process at the beginning of your journey. It seldom happens. For, when we set out on this quest no matter how challenging or unnerving it may seem, is there anything easier than the beginning?

No, it’s when you feel like you’ve “struck out,” when you’re not sure you can continue…when it seems like it’s time to leave this madness behind…It’s then that someone comes along, or, something happens…it’s usually something that appears very strange…a coincident, a dream, your imagination…and you just have a knowing that you should continue.

This process can be summed up in one word:  PASSION.

As pursued by a wordsmith who spent his life studying where words came from and their true meaning, this word “passion” first surfaced in the twelfth century and, coined by Christian scholars, it means to suffer. In the purest sense, it describes the willing suffering of Christ.

Passion doesn’t mean suffering for suffering’s sake though. It must be pure and willing suffering. And, there is a link between suffering, or passion, and sacrifice. The word “sacrifice” comes from the Latin word ‘sacra’ which means sacred , and  ‘fice,’ which means to perform. To sacrifice is to perform the sacred.

So, at its very core, “passion” is sacred suffering. The good news is that suffering is not necessarily a bad thing. It’s life defining. It’s noble.

And, the real meaning of the word “passion” is being willing to suffer for what you love. For, when we discover what we are willing to pay a price for…it is then that we discover our life’s mission and true purpose here in this world we live in.

Instead of letting outside influences determine the direction of your life….why not “grand slam” your own destiny?

“Give it a try.” whispers your Heart…

And to give you a bit of inspiration…worthwhile watching…


How To Get Conscious! 5 Ideas That Really Work


“Consider the postage stamp: its usefulness consists in the ability to stick to one thing til it gets there.”
…Josh Billings

Now consider our brain.  Like a company, it has many departments that specialize in one thing in order to make the whole work more effectively.

The unfortunate reality is that because of our really busy lives, the everyday struggle for survival, the constant stress cycle we live in, we have become less intelligent.

Why? Well, that’s because we’re operating not from our conscious processes, we’re running the many departments in our brain from our hind brain reflexes ~ because it’s faster and survival oriented.

How do we change this? How do we slow down and evolve as a compliment to the intoxicating, compelling beings that we really are?

How to Get Conscious! 5 Ideas That Really Work.

1. The quickest, most effective way to slow down your brain is through deep breathing. As you learn once again to take deep breaths of oxygen into your lungs, you will experience immediately that your body starts to respond by slowing down. And, as you begin to pay attention to your breath, your mind will start to slow down as well. This is a good thing. For once you make a conscious connection with the breath, it will give you something more. Every. Single. Time.

2. Become aware of the Energetic System that is within your body. The long, slow breaths will help you with this. This system is also known as your Chakra System…7 tiny tornedo-like vortexes that spin the energy in your torso and head. This energy system takes in good, clean energy. It also assimilates the energy that is already there existing in your body. And, it releases any toxic energy that may be residing there without your knowledge.

3. Practice Meditation. This is an extremely effective way to raise your consciousness. This can be as simple as taking a walk in the forest, or riding your bike, or sitting in quiet contemplation. For you see, you are disconnecting with the busy-ness of your everyday life. You are giving a gift to yourself. It helps to open the gateway between your left and right brain. It helps you to create an awareness of life’s simple pleasures. If you don’t have the time to wash your clothes, hang them out to dry, and then breathe in that sweet freshness…you’re too busy!

4.  Get rid of the stories in your head. Make them like you instead. Start to see Fear for what it really is…a clever way to manipulate our minds into believing the stories we tell ourselves. We don’t think. Thinking happens to us. And, for most people, we are unfortunately at the mercy of the stories in our heads. Stop. Leave those negative thoughts behind. You really have no time for them in your life. They stop your flow.

5. Dreams, Imagination, Coincidence, Intuition. Powerful. It is not just a dream. It is not just your imagination. It is not just a coincidence. These things all happen in the limbic part of your brain. This center has no capacity for language. It’s why you can’t put into words why you want to do the things you do. It’s also called a “gut feeling.” You just know that you know. And, when you begin to get still enough to hear these whispers, you will never be led astray. Ever.

Are you serious about getting right with yourself? About becoming someone who has more energy, stronger intelligence, greater creative powers, a better sense of awareness?  Then, start with these 5 simple ideas to flush out those floundering, paralyzing thoughts and give your own consciousness the boost it deserves!

WARNING: Below is a banned TEDtalk on The War on Consciousness by Graham Hancock. It’s definitely controversial but worth the watch.

The Power of Imagination – Quick Tip #29


Just imagine that instead of two old people, we could actually see what they were thinking…


There is magic in making things up. “The stronger the imagination, the less imaginary the results.”  Think BIG.

Visualize It! – Tip #24

This is a technique which is now widely used by athletes to help them bring about a desired result. The key to this is imagination for the imagination is the medium through which you focus your mental energy to create your own happiness or hardship.