Please Don’t Eat The Daisies

We should give the common flower the chance to captivate us.”


You know you’re too busy when…there is not enough time in the day to sit in stillness. To give yourself a chance to reclaim your true nature. Not those times when you throw yourself into bed at night in pure exhaustion. But that special kind of silence, like the early morning tranquility before the rest of the world begins to stir in wakefulness.

To listen to the birds chirp their magical songs. And actually hear it. And enjoy it. Not brush it away like background noise. That kind of quiet when you lay on your back in the grass on a warm summer’s day and draw pictures in the sky with the clouds. Or, to inhale the fragrance of tomatoes growing in the garden, recalling the sweetness of biting into one you just plucked off the vine.

Those small, seemingly insignificant times are the verifiable, authentic, honest-to-goodness priceless moments we so casually whisk away.

It’s time. To impact change in every part of this planet. In every nook and cranny. Beginning with yourself.

Your very own life choices will increase as if by magic if you do this:

Those words that you so casually throw out to the people you come in contact with every day are, in fact, very powerful. Every word has power.

So, change your thought and speech patterns!  The time is now to make a difference because every thought you think and every word you say is vibrating out to the world. And, it is affecting every person in this world on some level. For, as you create your words, you create your (and our) destiny.

Once you comprehend that by speaking, thinking, and acting clearly with soaring, high-energy intent…by thinking coherent thoughts in a directed way…your thoughts will beam out like laser magic, and you can achieve great results!  Almost instantaneously!

You see, your sub-conscious mind acts only in the present moment. Even if you’re talking about someone else, your sub-conscious mind thinks you’re talking about yourself, because it only responds to the key words you use. Your very own self-worth may be less than what it could be because your sub-conscious mind accepts all your words as truth!

Let me give you an example. Words or phrases like “That’s not bad” changes to “That’s quite good.” Or, “No problem” changes to “You’re very welcome.” Or, “That’s bad” changes to “That’s not good.” Or, “I’m sick” becomes “I don’t feel well.”

Start switching your key words. Why? Because your inner mind does not process negative commands. “Do NOT think of a big grey hippo.” “Do NOT think of a big grey hippo in a pink tutu dancing on his toes.” What are you trying not to remember?

Your sub-conscious mind cannot process what is NOT. It simply responds to the words you have given it. I hear people all the time saying “No problem” when they really mean “You’re welcome” or, “It’s my pleasure.”

Just think what the sub-conscious mind actually hears. It doesn’t hear “no,” it just hears “problem.” So, switching your language gives you a brilliant solution for stopping non-productive inner self-talk.

When you actively, knowingly, switch on your inner self-talk, you can gain control of your life and your emotions. Your words are gifts that you give and receive. And, you have the ability today to make someone, including yourself, feel much better about life and themselves.

And, to slow down and take the time to inhale the scent of a common flower and give it a chance to let it captivate you.



A Unique Discovery About Running As It Relates To Our Transition Into This New World

“Baby, this town rips the bones from your back; it’s a death trap, it’s a suicide rap…”

~ Bruce Springsteen, “Born To Run”

 I just recently finished a book of fiction called “The Illegal” by award-winning International Best Selling Author, Lawrence Hill. It was an epic adventure and fast-moving read about a runner from a poor nation who, because of his country’s politics, discovered he must run to save his family.

Which of course made me think of another mind-blowing true tale about running called “Born To Run” by Christopher McDougall, an award-winning journalist and runner who asked a simple question “Why does my foot hurt?” He set out to discover the secrets of an indigenous tribe in Mexico who have honed the ability to run hundreds of miles without rest or injury. What he uncovered was the greatest race the world has never seen.

Now why did these two completely different stories about marathon runners take me on an epic journey that read like a sprint? And why, on these heart-pounding races did it pierce my soul to such a degree?

You see, what I came to understand was that we all have put blinders on the effect of our own misuse of energy.

And, by energy I not only refer to the technologies that we have employed to enhance our lifestyles. I’m not only talking about the damage that is being done to our environment here on Mother Earth, nor the corrosion to the physical structure of the DNA within each one of us. I’m not only speaking of the information manipulation that takes place in all of our main stream media as a method of mind control.

No, the epiphany I had was how we have been totally misusing our emotional energy on this planet! How we have come to view our emotional body as our weakness or “Achilles Heel,” so to speak…that for many of us our emotional body was something to almost get rid of.

This realization of what we have been doing, or, more importantly what we have not been doing…BLEW. MY. MIND.

Our emotions are not energies to be ignored or subdued. They are not energies to be mistrusted or abandoned.

Our emotional body is our true birthright and a great gift! Only we’ve been shutting it down on a daily basis by denying it. We have attempted to override our emotions with the mind, forgetting that our emotions are the conduit to our hearts and souls.

We made a huge mistake when we erroneously believed that we could retreat from our hearts and from all that made us human. We made a huge mistake by trying to bring ourselves to a state of intellectual superiority believing that would make us more than human.

No, our emotions are not energies to be ignored or subdued. What we express through our emotional bodies is the connection that exists between the physical and the etheric…between body and spirit.

Only through the full acceptance of our total emotional selves, in regard to one and to all, can we look again into our souls and realize this as Truth.

So, let us reach out through our emotions, to the plight of the unseen and the forgotten who live among us. Let us touch the world…so that we are not running for our lives but, to our lives.


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What Really Matters

New beginnings are exciting! They’re also a little scary.

While we’ve been busy chasing that elusive thing we call money, our planet has been actively re-balancing herself in order to aid us…the collective humanity, shift into a New World. A better world.

We have been moving into this new awareness as our own bodies have been re-calibrating in order to accommodate this new frequency vibration. Have you noticed low energy, or headaches, or any dizziness recently? These may be signs that your body is re-balancing itself. And the pace is quickening.

I can guarantee that all of us are facing personal challenges at this time. It may be health issues, relationship challenges, or finding a sound spiritual grounding. A lot is going on.

If you are sensing that the world is literally on the edge of huge change, then no wonder you are reading this! You are right on point.

This year your mind will process thousands of emails, Facebook posts, Tweets, Pinterest, Instagram, phone calls, TV shows, personal conversations and more. All this information is like candy for your brain. And, when it needs its fix, this “pain-body” will pester away at you until you feed it.

All this constant “distraction” is the food it needs to replenish itself. It eagerly devours every distracted thought. And, all this does is take your awareness to your outside environment when your journey here in life is to go inside and find Truth.

Hey I get it. My family knows only too well how thin I spread myself sometimes. That’s why I need to block out sections of my day to shut out all that noise and distraction and do my inner work. To get beyond and return to that inner sacred sanctuary where I meet up with blissful silence, peace, and fulfillment.

As our Mother Earth transitions into the new higher frequency, we come to realize that this is our next step in the evolution of humanity. Remember, whether we consciously know this or not, we chose to be here at this most critical juncture in the history of mankind.

Now is the time to find your own Personal Power. Once we see the true bigger picture of who we are and what we’re here for, everything gets reset and we start on a brand new path in life.

How do we put our best foot forward in 2016? What is the most productive and effective course of action in our personal lives?

To help you in this process of creating valuable time in your day to ‘go inward,’ I have outlined a few suggestions that you might like to look into.

1.  The Eris Point. Pure and Simple. This is our six week practical meditation program where you will discover not only how to deprogram those limiting beliefs that no longer serve you, but you will also learn how to decode your emotional guidance system. This program has had hundreds of life-changing success stories.  People like Carl who said: ”  Debbie made me feel safe, trusting, and comfortable. She strengthened my belief in myself and woke up my inner spirit. She has a pure heart and soul and her devotion is second to none.” To find out more email me here.>>

2. Million Dollar Moments. An inspirational book that provides daily keys to “Excelerate Your Life in 5 Minute Bursts of Brain Change.” People like Natalie said: “The perfect kick-start to your day, Million Dollar Moments enlightens us to use our brain to the best of our ability and stay calm amidst all the chaos in today’s society. The perfect book to keep bedside or on the coffee table to give you a quick boost of positivity and energy.” To find out more click here.>>

3. Here is a recent interview conducted with me to help you understand why now is the time to take action to empower yourself. It’s a unique, community-building Radio Show creating content that is informative, interesting, and enriches the lives of their member community.  To find out more click here >> 

If none of these are exactly right for you, we have personal coaching and tailor-made plans to help you get the most out of your life…because that’s what it’s all about isn’t it?

It’s going to be a busy year and as I’ve mentioned above, things are only going to speed up. Those times to embrace the quiet, trust the stillness and feel the calm, will be the key to moving through this year happily, healthfully, and successfully!

Abundant Blessings for 2016! And…Keep Shining. This planet needs your warmth.

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Can’t Keep Up? A Surefire Way to Open New Doors


“My heart says bacon and beer but my jeans say, for the love of God dude, eat a fucking salad.”


I’ve been told very recently that I am on a threshold. A threshold of what??!! All I know is that I think I’m having writer’s block and the above quote adequately expresses where I’m at these days.

You know…those times in your life when you roam around the house confused about what you should be doing. And, in what order! So, you go to the fridge and look for something to eat. Anything. Because all you’re really looking for is some comfort.

You stuff your mouth with food…but there’s still a lack, a hole if you will that needs to be plugged.

Well, it’s at these times when you’re feeling at your most vulnerable, your most anxious, your most worried…that you should it a “fucking salad??!!!”

Well, that’s a start. But, here’s what is really happening and why you should take heart….

This anxiety that you’re feeling, this confusion about which way to go, these emotions that are bubbling up are there to help you bring your own information, your own knowing forward. To remember, if you will, what you already know.

We have been steered away from exploring emotion because it’s through emotion that we can figure things out. For you see, our emotions connect us with the spiritual body. And, the spiritual body is of course, non-physical. We can’t see it, or touch it.

So, this unwanted nervousness, this concern, this uneasiness, this tension is really here to tell us we are on the threshold of something wonderful. An unopened door. Because it’s usually just before a breakthrough that these emotions raise their little heads and want to be fed. And, we continue to feed them by ignoring these emotions and going into FEAR mode.

We must break the spell. Break the spell on the human psyche that’s kept us in a hypnotic trance so that we forget the true genius, the magnificence of who we are!

This FEAR that we all go into, is simply old emotional baggage that we keep unnecessarily carrying around with us. Next time you reach for a bag of chips, or a chocolate bar. Stop yourself. See that emotion, feel that emotion, sit with that emotion if you have to. But don’t react. In time, it will go away. And, each time you do this, that emotion will become smaller and smaller….until one day…

Those hunger pains will be gone. A new door has been opened and you’ll have crossed the threshold into a whole new world! Because on the other side of FEAR lies FREEDOM!

As my mom always taught me…”Healthy Body. Healthy Mind.” Now, for the love of God…where’s my “fucking salad?”






What If…


“Do not go gentle into that good night; Old age should burn and rage at close of day. Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”

…Dylan Thomas as quoted by Professor Brand.

I was travelling this past week and, while on route, I watched a movie. It was not a typical movie that I would be attracted to, but one that was recommended to me by someone I have grown to have a deep respect for. So I pressed the “Play” button and sat back to watch. Never expecting to be blown away. Never expecting to be taken to a new level of thinking while I watched.

The pilot had said, “Sit back. Relax. Enjoy the flight.” And, so like a spectator, along for the ride, I did just that.

But, this was one of those movies that as you got deeper and deeper into it, you knew intuitively that it was special.  You knew, watching this that it was no longer okay to be lulled into false sense of calm, to be a bystander, an onlooker.

Funny isn’t it, how different it is when you are the driver, choosing your own route, and taking ownership for whatever happens?

So, how do you become the driver in a way that doesn’t cause fear and a sense of doom to all those who are on the road with you? How do you do it in a way that has you slamming on the brakes and skidding to a stop shouting “Wow, what a ride!”

Check out the new level of thinking I discovered Here…

We are all artists whether we like it or not. For some, this takes the form of math or science, or law; for others, it’s photography or teaching, or scuba diving. But, we each have our own studio. And, we can leave it dark and empty, or we can bring it to life.

WHAT IF, as we’re driving along this highway of life, we threw out the window all that stuff that has kept us prisoners of our own minds? Those places where the mind is absolutely sure that things are what they’re made out to be? 

WHAT IF the next time you read something, or saw a video that seemed to be way too out there to be true, you stopped yourself when your mind started thinking, “That’s ridiculous.” Or, “Conspiracy theory.” And, listening with your heart, you said to yourself instead, “WHAT IF?”

It will open up a whole new level of thinking for you. And, it’s that kind of thinking that is desperately needed in this world today. That heart thinking. Instead of the old race track of thinking… looping and speeding around and around but going nowhere.

You see, our planet is situated in a place Between. The. Stars.  With unlimited possibilities. Like the movie, there is powerful energy out there just waiting for us. YOU are in the driver’s seat.

WHAT IF the only keys you need to start the engine is LOVE?





3 Little-Known Factors That Could Affect Your Success

Thing one and thing two-Standup-FINAL

“When something bad happens you have three choices. You can either let it define you, let it destroy you, or you can let it strengthen you.”

…Dr. Seuss

Next time you have a bad day, or a bad experience, think about this:  That you chose to be here, at this most pivotal time in the history of mankind. There is a job that you are here to do. You have a unique gift that only YOU will contribute to the evolution of humanity. In a profound way.

Make no mistake. Man is no accident. He is an integral part of the Cosmos and a participant in the destiny and the purpose of the Universe. This is a scientific fact.

But, like children in a playground, there comes a time when when we must put aside our childish ways. For it’s easy when something bad happens, to crumple in a heap and play victim. To say to yourself, “I’ll never be good enough, or I’ll never be smart enough, or I’ll never be strong enough.”

We must push against this old energy, this old Paradigm that we have all been living in for centuries for 3 very all-important reasons:

1. This energy is not consistent with ours.

I mean, do you ever feel sometimes like you’re pushing against common sense? Or you’re pushing against your family? Or the workers you work with, or the politics, or the main religions that are out there? Everywhere you go, you seem to be pushing. All those experiences that you’ve had over and over again, you’ve had to push against this old energy.

The good news is….is that old energy is dying. It has to. Hatred, and wars, and discrimination, and domination are simply not acceptable anymore because they don’t work. They haven’t advanced our evolution.

2. Our energy must now be used for the evolution of our soul. 

It’s time to go to work. It’s time to re-write the program of what we’ve been used to. And, it’s easier now to do that because so many of us have started to awaken. We are beginning to see what people have been telling us. Little by little human consciousness is cleaning itself up!

What is appropriate now are things like cultural wisdom, and wisdom of behaviour.

3. Drop the expectation of failure. That’s the old paradigm!

Here’s the secret. Old energy starts to go away…and be replaced with  something you didn’t expect. Things that you will try in business, and in life will work! But, they will work ONLY if you drop the old paradigm of the expectation of failure. Start expecting success! Make it your intention! Call upon the energy of the cosmos with the intention of success.

If you do, you are sending out a signal to the universe ~ to places you don’t even know exist in this energy ~ to work with you to push you forward!

Remember, the old energy tells you that you’ll never be good enough, never be smart enough…that nobody cares, nobody listens. Don’t buy into it! We have moved past this extinct energy. Why would you?

Our souls have miracles in our pockets!



Why Being Outside Your Comfort Zone is Awesome for You


 “The TRUTH is like a LION. You don’t have to defend it. Let it LOOSE. It will defend itself.”
…St. Augustine

I’ve been guilty of defending TRUTH. When you gain knowledge of some things that you know, that you know, that you know to be the TRUTH, you become eager for those that you love, for those that you care about, to access that knowledge too.

There is a saying that “there are none so blind as those who will not see.”

But, we have ALL grown up conditioned by corruption, greed, and power. To feel powerless. To believe that there is nothing we, as only ONE person can do. We’ve had years and years of teachings of powerlessness, which have kept us in the dark about how our world, and how the universe REALLY works.

If you feel you are ready to hear the truth…Read on. Here’s the secret, and it’s been a HUGE, SUCCESSFUL secret, that’s been hidden from us…It is this…

The real problem of our years of conditioning is one of “energy usage.” And, the secret of how it’s been used against us has been brought to us through Main Stream Media. That’s right. Every day. Coming at us from our own TV’s.

We must begin to think of our energy usage as OUR VALUE. We need to become misers with our own energy. Spend it only on THAT WHICH WILL SET YOU FREE.

We don’t need to starve ourselves of energy in order to do this. Rather, we need to become much more aware of how we SPEND our energy and start to pull back from activities that we normally engage in like watching TV because that is THE SYSTEM THAT WAS SET UP TO ENSLAVE US ALL.  It is a prison.

We simply need to correct where we SPEND our energy. Realize that  reality is collectively created by us ALL.

Know that war, for example, can only continue if enough people in the world think it is NECESSARY

Can you see that what takes place on our planet and what is ALLOWED to take place here is based on the belief and conviction of the people who live inside this reality?  That’s us! Can you see therefore, that war can only occur if enough people think it is necessary?

That is what the real purpose of the MEDIA is…

It is to tell us why we need to believe a war is necessary! It is done by telling you step by step exactly how and why you need to FORM AN OPINION about a certain issue in a certain way so that you can come to a predetermined conclusion about what they want.

You’ve been TAUGHT all of your life…by others…who were in truth lying to you, that you have no POWER, and that your opinion does not count!

Your opinion counts more than you will ever know!

You see, you are a single cell living in a much larger body called humanity. Those thoughts and beliefs that you hold to be true will have an affect upon the entire body of humanity whether you are aware of it or not.

And if enough cells of this body of humanity hold a certain belief, then it will override the other cells and become the predominant thought form or, the predominant WILL of the entire group.

Do you see how important it is to understand this? That is why you need to FLEE YOUR COMFORT ZONE. Now is not soon enough. It is a prison. You will never know the POWER you have until you start to use it. To know that you are a powerful creator being.

Yes indeed. The way to defeat this is to STARVE it. Remove your consent from it. Start spending your energy to increase YOUR VALUE. In ways that make a difference to this planet. To humanity.












The 7 Things You Need to Stay Happy and Healthy


“You can fool yourself some of the time. You can fool others some of the time. But, you can never fool your body. It is the most sensitive barometer of your inner world.”

…Sherrill Sherman

 What you put into your body is up to you. The same goes for your mind. But know this. Both are inter-connected. The mind leads. The body follows.

Big Pharma wants it to be drugs. It not only wreaks havoc with your body, but it messes up your mind as well. Nature supports life, but sadly its advertising is lost on many people.

Raw. Food. Heals…Fact.

It is up to us to keep the cells in our body full of energy and operating at optimal performance. How do we do that?

The science of being happy and healthy really comes down to 7 things…

1. Exercise
2. Diet and Nutrition
3. Service and Contribution/Spiritual
4. Time in Nature
5. Relationships
6. Relaxation and Stress Management
7. Recreation

That includes music! Listen below to this wonderful song “Medicine For The People – The Budding Tree.” You can feel the love. It makes me smile from ear to ear.

Anchor these 7 things in your life every day. Build a new habit. Wake the dreams into realities. And, listen to your body. “The body talks and meditation helps.”

Weekend Blog Post July 12, 2012

Credit Photo to:

Once a Year In the Streets of Portugal. Credit Photo to:  Christina Ferreira


My weekend blog post routine includes posting photos and links to great content I ran across during the week.

You should know that I am a warm-hearted, peaceful person with a wasp in my knickers. If I see something I think is meaningful to share, whether it be funny, sad, amazing, horrifying, I will post it here.

I don’t go into much depth about my finds but encourage you to check them out if they appeal to you.

Having said that, we have, in our city this weekend, a birthday celebration for an often overlooked inventor, Nikola Tesla. And, well, here is someone who simply and eloquently gives him the recognition he so richly deserves. ~ deb

Read more here…
Why Was Nikola Tesla The Greatest Geek Who Ever Lived?