It’s Only Just a Dream – Truth or Myth?

Are you familiar with someone telling you this? “It’s only just a dream.” How often has this been said? You may have even said it to yourself when you’ve woken from a dream that perhaps frightened you in the night. Or, maybe you’ve said it wistfully, after awaking from a dream of pleasure and joy. I have heard this time and again as people try to brush dreams aside. Or, tell me that they’re insignificant. It’s an easy thing to do as you rush out of the house and on to the business of the day.

It’s a poor strategy in life to let that happen

Remember, the story about a young man, Roger Bannister, who dreamed of running the mile in under four minutes? He had a dream. Yet, doctors told him time and again that no human could ever run a mile in less than four minutes.

As the story goes… here’s what happened. This beautiful young man ran the mile. In under four minutes. And, as he came running across the finish line, he clutched his heart and fell to the ground in a heap. Why? Because doctors had told him that it was physically impossible for a human to run that distance in that time. They told him that if, in fact, he did, he would die!

Can you imagine that?!! But, as we all know, Roger Bannister did not die. He went on to achieve great fame. And, humanity took a quantum leap in consciousness that day. It forever changed our thinking about the limitations of our running abilities.

In point of fact, dreaming is waking up. Dreams open up possibilities that take us beyond our every-day self-limiting beliefs. Dreams show us humanity’s path.

How many times have you gone to bed at night with a problem on your mind, only to find out the next morning that you’ve solved that problem in your sleep?

Or, how about all those artists and science fiction writers who have many, many times anticipated new technologies long before they ever showed up here on our planet.

Most recently, the dreams of the Andaman islanders enabled them to get-out-of-the-way of the terrible tsunami of December 2004 because their dreams and their intimate connections with the animals and Mother Earth told them it was coming. The Indian government at first suspected that they had perished in the storm. Yet, when the government sent helicopters over the highlands, the islanders reappeared sending arrows aimed at the choppers. They neither wanted or needed help. By tradition these islanders use group dreaming as a means of survival and progress for their whole community.

Paying attention to your dreams is very important as is sharing the gift of dreaming with other people. Humanity can gather what is pre-occupying the minds of dreamers as well as what is not and together we can guide our society into one of peace and healing.