Changing Yourself Is Changing The World – How to Get There from Here. 3 Things You Can Do.


I think we all sense it on some level. The vibrations on this planet are becoming higher and higher. There is a shift happening on earth that we are all experiencing. So how DO we get there from here?

Our bodies and minds are adjusting to this change, and it can be uncomfortable, even painful at times.

3 Things You Can Do:

1. Be gentle with yourself. Give your body and mind lots of rest. When you are in the natural flow, there will be periods when you feel great and then you will crash and feel mentally and physically messy for a period of time. This is so your bodies can become acclimatized to the new higher vibrations of the earth. These higher vibrations come in waves so you can get used to them. When they fall away you will know what you need to let go of.

It’s almost like a forced purging at first. As you continue to be gentle with yourself, relax and, trust the process, it gets easier. The road evens out and the peaks and valleys are not as extreme. Your life will become more and more effortless.

2. Sleep. This process can take its toll on your physical body so rest as much as you can and do not feel guilty about it. It’s exactly what you need and should do at this time. Your body knows… listen to it.

Also, your body may feel very weak and frail and, at the same time, it’s almost as if you can sense it repairing itself, healing and being rewired. The best thing to do is rest and allow the change in body chemistry to happen.

3. Turn off the mp3 and TV. Some of you may have already starting doing this. You may find yourself driving your car or taking a walk in silence as opposed to listening to your mp3 player or radio. You may have already gotten rid of cable or your TV.

Being by yourself and staying quiet helps you to balance, rest in and, get used to your own vibration. You will learn a lot about how different vibrations of different people and events affect you in different ways the more you become silent. Remember, the quieter you become, the more you can hear. By resting or meditating in silence, it will help you to stay calm even in the midst of chaos.

Staying as stress-free as possible and paying attention to your body and your mind will help you in transitioning to this new Age of Consciousness. The secret is in allowing the process and giving yourself to permission change. Remember, changing yourself, is changing the world.