How To Go From ‘Why me?’ To ‘Why not me?’


“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.”
…Ryunosuke Satoro


I am only now getting over this cold thing that has taken hold of me and held on for dear life! Needless to say I have not been at my best, most optimistic self.

I’ve had nasty, negative thoughts. A mean-spirited disposition. There didn’t seem to be anything that could rally me out of these doldrums. And, that is when I realized that Holy Cow! I must have some vile toxins inside this body of mine.

And it was then, that I decided to surrender. You see, I was fighting this cold. I was resisting what my body was telling me and I just kept going. Those toxins needed to get out. They were interfering with the harmony and natural balance of my energy system. So, I hunkered down, holed up, and listened to the whispers of my own body.

And, these words came back to me. Whatever you fight you strengthen. Whatever you resist, persists. And, whatever you fear, you draw near.

I initiated that first step when I made the choice to surrender and allow myself to heal. The Universe then reciprocated, opened her arms and….

gave me my daughter who helped me to heal by just being there with me.

For, it wasn’t until my daughter called and told me she was on her way over that I actually started to feel better. We spent the afternoon picking out a tree for the holidays. We baked Christmas goodies. We ate dinner by the fire. We drank wine and watched a Christmas classic. And, when I ran out of steam, she took over.

We forget sometimes, when we are down on our luck, or tired of all the insanity in this world, that we are not alone. Ever. Sure, we can sit there and wallow in our own misery. But, that just keeps us forever drowning.

It’s not until we consciously opt to do something good for ourselves, without knowing what the outcome will be, fully aware that there are no guarantees…that we can really reap the  rewards for not only ourselves, but for all of humanity.

I know that there is more I certainly need to do, but there is a stirring happening out there. I am a witness to all this insanity sure, but I am also seeing a growing enlightenment. I know this much for sure. We are all connected. And, we need to collectively clear away that which is no longer serving us through our own individual efforts ie. planting or making a sacrifice to Mother Earth and, by coming together and taking a stand for the land we live on wherever we are.

People are restless and the establishment is imploding. Consciousness is peaking through and for some it’s like a light switch has been thrown on!

I know too, that if it’s happening to me, it’s happening to others.

There are many people now bringing their wisdom forward to help further consciousness. And, I am very thankful for that. It’s working. It’s epic!

A Body Scan – Tip #17

Life responds to wise attention in remarkable ways!  A body scan is a good way to begin how to live mindfully.  Meditation is not all about your mind, it’s about your body too.  Your mind has a direct impact on your body.  What inhabits your body?  Your mind.  If the mind is tense, disconnected, the body will match.  Doing a body scan is a simple technique that helps you to energetically wake up your body-mind connection.