Meet Eris,
Goddess of Chaos, Crisis and…..Rebirth

A new planet was discovered in 2005. After a long and heated debate,
she was named 
ERIS after the Greek Goddess of Chaos, Crisis and Rebirth. The nature of ERIS is to break down old structures.

To help you find your own personal power.
The time is NOW.
Let the healing begin.

Finding… The ERIS POINT

I can guarantee that all of us are facing personal challenges at this time. It may be health issues, relationship challenges, or finding a sound spiritual grounding at this crucial juncture in history. A lot is going on. If our hearts and minds are confused,
anxious, distracted or over-burdened we won’t be much good to anyone.

We may be carrying emotional baggage unknown to us…hardwired into our subconscious that keeps
playing out in our daily lives.

Find your personal power

Once we see the true bigger picture of who we are and what we’re here for,
everything gets reset and we start on a brand new path in life.

Did you know?

Some people feel intolerable loneliness.

It’s amazing how we’ve pushed the big questions of life to the back burner. Sure, we’ve wondered about the
“big stuff” once in a while, but we’ve been preoccupied, busy even, with issues that we’ve been told are more pressing.
And, we’ve turned our whole world upside down!

How do we put our best foot forward in times like these? What is the most productive and effective course of action in our personal lives? The Eris Point. Pure and simple.

Our goal is to help you make changes when life throws you a challenge, a setback, or a heartache.

We work with individuals and with groups to deconstruct and decode your mental and emotional guidance systems.
It’s a breakdown of old structures to create a new way of thinking. To empower YOURSELF. Isn’t it time?
Don’t we all need to start orbiting in the right direction?

Finding The Eris Point is key. And that’s freedom.
Which only breeds more freedom, empowerment and alignment with the Universe.

It’s up to each of us to decide.

Contact Deborah Hall, Author and Speaker at 416.823.4385
or [email protected] to help you in discovering The Eris Point.