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The Calm Program

When your brain is out of alignment, it can quietly destroy your quality of life. This is a beginner's course into the Journey of Meditation. If you've been wondering what meditation is all about and how you can learn to follow your own guidance instead of following everyone else, then this course is for you!

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Energy Healing

High voltage healing. We are all energetic beings have a human experience. As humans, we are a traumatized species. Energy work helps to eliminate the trauma embedded in our psyche from centuries past. One way of understanding this is that there is a field of energy around our DNA that is part of our spiritual energy system. The focus is on calibrating and strengthening this connection. It will help to heal the trauma and lead to your flourishing wellness.

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The ERIS Point

A new planet was discovered in 2005. After a long and heated debate, she was named ERIS after the Greek Goddess of Chaos, Crisis and...Rebirth. The nature of ERIS is to break down old structures. This is part of what's happening in the global shift we are currently in. In this course you will learn to follow your own guidance instead of following everyone raise your own frequency and live to the fullest magnificence of who YOU are.

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My Videos

This is your starting point. Check it out. See if this might be helpful to you. A collection of my videos to help you get started.

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We learn how an ancient story can relate to the life we are living today. When we have stories we have connectedness. When we have stories we reach out to more than just a human...we reach out to a raven, a weather pattern, a birch tree. A myth is the wildest way of telling the TRUTH. In times like these, I believe that these are the kind of stories we need.

My Videos

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