What If…


“Do not go gentle into that good night; Old age should burn and rage at close of day. Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”

…Dylan Thomas as quoted by Professor Brand.

I was travelling this past week and, while on route, I watched a movie. It was not a typical movie that I would be attracted to, but one that was recommended to me by someone I have grown to have a deep respect for. So I pressed the “Play” button and sat back to watch. Never expecting to be blown away. Never expecting to be taken to a new level of thinking while I watched.

The pilot had said, “Sit back. Relax. Enjoy the flight.” And, so like a spectator, along for the ride, I did just that.

But, this was one of those movies that as you got deeper and deeper into it, you knew intuitively that it was special.  You knew, watching this that it was no longer okay to be lulled into false sense of calm, to be a bystander, an onlooker.

Funny isn’t it, how different it is when you are the driver, choosing your own route, and taking ownership for whatever happens?

So, how do you become the driver in a way that doesn’t cause fear and a sense of doom to all those who are on the road with you? How do you do it in a way that has you slamming on the brakes and skidding to a stop shouting “Wow, what a ride!”

Check out the new level of thinking I discovered Here…

We are all artists whether we like it or not. For some, this takes the form of math or science, or law; for others, it’s photography or teaching, or scuba diving. But, we each have our own studio. And, we can leave it dark and empty, or we can bring it to life.

WHAT IF, as we’re driving along this highway of life, we threw out the window all that stuff that has kept us prisoners of our own minds? Those places where the mind is absolutely sure that things are what they’re made out to be? 

WHAT IF the next time you read something, or saw a video that seemed to be way too out there to be true, you stopped yourself when your mind started thinking, “That’s ridiculous.” Or, “Conspiracy theory.” And, listening with your heart, you said to yourself instead, “WHAT IF?”

It will open up a whole new level of thinking for you. And, it’s that kind of thinking that is desperately needed in this world today. That heart thinking. Instead of the old race track of thinking… looping and speeding around and around but going nowhere.

You see, our planet is situated in a place Between. The. Stars.  With unlimited possibilities. Like the movie, there is powerful energy out there just waiting for us. YOU are in the driver’s seat.

WHAT IF the only keys you need to start the engine is LOVE?




Weekend Blog Post – Sunday, October 5, 2014


This week’s photo reminds me of something we did at a friend’s cottage on the last weekend of the summer before all wee ones go back to school. I really couldn’t believe how excited I got while at the same time how reverent I felt to watch those paper baskets of light escalate high up into the night skies. It was a special moment.

Until each of us gets clear with ourselves, it will be difficult to grasp the reality of what exactly is going on around us. Ebola is the current word used as scare tactics for people worldwide.

In continuing to share stuff that matters, I read the article below this week and felt that the only responsible thing to do was to pass it on to you. Read it for yourself. Then you decide. ~ deb

Do these ten pieces of evidence prove the U.S. government is actively encouraging an Ebola outbreak in America? by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

Source: Natural News

(NaturalNews) The more closely our team investigates the facts about Ebola here at Natural News, the more I’m convinced the United States government is intentionally trying to increase the spread of the outbreak rather than contain it. I realize this assertion may sound outlandish, but review the evidence below and decide for yourself. This story is extensively sourced with verifiable links.

As microbiologist Dr. Gil Mobley recently said in protest of all the lies and disinformation, “CDC is lying! … [and] If they’re not lying, they are grossly incompetent.” [1]

Here are the top ten pieces of evidence that point to the U.S. government seemingly wanting to see Ebola spread even more. Because, just as Dr. Mobley says, if all this isn’t intentional, then it’s a showcase of extreme incompetence on the part of government:

#1) Obama refuses to halt air travelers from infected countries from entering the United States

Ebola “patient zero” Thomas Eric Duncan flew right into the United States and walked through the international airports of both Washington D.C. and Dallas-Fort Worth. He was never asked about his country of origin and was never screened for any health conditions.

Why are people whose flights originate in Liberia and Sierra Leone still allowed to openly travel to large U.S. cities? Shouldn’t we use the immigration and customs infrastructure already in place at international airports to reject travelers from countries where Ebola is spreading out of control?

Strangely, the United States has far more stringent requirements for cats and dogs entering the country than it does for humans. Dogs and cats must enter the country with extensive health records, but international air travelers can apparently just fly right in even if they’re infected with Ebola.

#2) Texas family is quarantined in a home that still hasn’t been cleaned or decontaminated

“More than a week after a Liberian man fell ill with Ebola and four days after he was placed in isolation at a hospital in Dallas, the apartment where he was staying with four other people had not been cleaned and the sheets and dirty towels he used while sick remained in the home, health officials acknowledged on Thursday afternoon.” – NY Times [2] and Fox News [11]

Even though the home hasn’t been cleaned or decontaminated, family members of Thomas Eric Duncan have been forced into isolation in this contaminated home and told they must submit to regular blood draws by the state.

Already, these family members escaped their isolation and began to mingle once again with the public, violating their isolation orders. The woman, Louise Troh, told reporters she is tired of being “locked up” with her family members. [3]

“Dallas officials said that relatives of the man infected with Ebola left their apartment after agreeing not to, which prompted officials to issue a confinement order overnight,” reports the LA Times. [4] “They were noncompliant with the request to stay home,” said Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins.

Isn’t it insane to force a family into quarantine in a home that’s clearly contaminated with Ebola? Doesn’t this almost prove that government authorities actually want this family to catch the disease and spread it? After all, how else could this family have been “allowed” to violate their isolation and start interacting with the public again? With hundreds (if not thousands) of CDC and Texas health authorities on location dealing with this Dallas outbreak, how could it be that not a single one of these persons was assigned to watching the Duncan household to make sure nobody left?

Cleaning of contaminated apartment delayed by government demand for a “permit”

What’s even more incredible is that the cleaning crew which was hired to sanitize the home was turned away because they were told they needed a Texas Dept. of Transportation permit to drive on state highways after cleaning the home.

“Brad Smith of the Cleaning Guys, which was hired to sanitize the apartment, said his company does not have the proper permits to transport hazardous waste on Texas highways. The company specializes in hazmat and biohazard cleaning services,” reports a local Fox affiliate. [7] “Smith said authorities sent his crew away late Thursday before they entered the apartment and told them to come back with proper permits. It’s unclear how long that will take. ‘The permit is being processed through DOT (the Department of Transportation) because it is a special permit,’ Smith said.”

In other words, a family is being forced to live in an Ebola-contaminated home while the cleaning of that home is delayed because somebody needs a permit to clean it? How insane does this get, really?

#3) The CDC continues to lie about modes of transmission for the Ebola virus

The CDC continues to ridiculously claim that Ebola only spreads through “direct contact of body fluids.” The agency continued to deny that Ebola can spread through the air for short distances and that Ebola can be acquired by touching contaminated surfaces.

The overall lie from the CDC is that Ebola is “difficult to catch.” But if that’s true, then why did so many doctors who are well trained in the prevention of infectious disease still manage to get infected? How did Dr. Kent Brantly get infected?

Even more, how did the NBC News cameraman now get infected even though he took extreme precautions to avoid touching anyone while also carefully washing his own skin and clothes each day?

“I am taking serious precautions and washing with chlorine regularly,” said Ashoka Mukpo, the 33-year-old cameraman, in a NY Daily News article. [9] Clearly this was not an individual who ran around touching infected Ebola patients. Yet he still got infected. How is this possible unless the CDC is lying?

Dr. Gil Mobley “said the CDC is ‘sugar-coating’ the risk of the virus spreading in the United States,” reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. [1]

Research has clearly shown that Ebola virus can ride on aerosols — airborne particles of water or spit — and infect people at a distance. [5] So why isn’t the CDC telling people the truth that Ebola can spread through the air?

And why aren’t frontline doctors and soldiers being told they need to wear full face respirators?

It’s almost as if the CDC wants this to spread in order to generate exactly the kind of pandemic panic that would generate billions of dollars in lucrative vaccine sales. They did it before, after all, with the swine flu scare. So why not use Ebola to also generate more profits for the vaccine makers?

#4) The FDA is openly threatening sellers of natural remedies that might be useful for slowing or stopping Ebola

Instead of encouraging people to boost their immune systems with nutritional therapies, natural remedies and superfoods, the FDA is actively going out of its way to threaten resellers of colloidal silver and essential oils.

Last week, the FDA threatened three companies with criminal prosecution if they didn’t take steps to dissociate their products from Ebola.

One company, the Natural Solutions Foundation, has since claimed that governments are actively seizing colloidal silver shipments to African nations in order to prevent Ebola victims from ever being treated with it. Are these authorities afraid that it might actually work?

Shouldn’t we be trying and testing every herb and natural remedy on the planet to find out how to stop Ebola? Or are we all supposed to wait around for the drug companies to manufacture an experimental vaccine and then put all our trust in that?

Doesn’t anybody realize the company testing the vaccine right now — GlaxoSmithKline — has a long criminal history of admitted felony crimes including the bribery of tens of thousands of doctors?

#5) People entering U.S. customs are not asked where they’ve been

“Yesterday, I came through international customs at the Atlanta airport,” said Dr. Gil Mobley when he recently entered the United States. “The only question they asked arriving passengers is if they had tobacco or alcohol.” – reported in the AJC. [1]

Apparently, U.S. customs is far more interested in determining whether you owe any import tax than whether you might be carrying a deadly pandemic virus. Is nobody in the U.S. government aware that an international pandemic is under way? How is it even possible that people are not being asked about their country of origin?

#6) The U.S. government knew about the outbreak in advance, but didn’t warn the public

It’s now clear that the U.S. government has long known this outbreak was coming but did nothing to warn the public.

In early September, the government sought to purchase 160,000 Ebola hazmat suits from a U.S. supplier.

Furthermore, according to this report on SHTFplan.com, “Disaster Assistance Response Teams were told to prepare to be activated in the month of October.”

Don’t you find it strange that while the government itself was gearing up for an October disaster, the public wasn’t told a thing about any of this?

#7) Even during a global pandemic outbreak, the U.S. government refuses to secure the southern U.S. border

If Ebola victims can fly into the United States, they can surely fly into Mexico, Central America and South America as well.

So why is the U.S. southern border still wide open with virtually zero security? The ability of infected Ebola victims to walk right across the border and into Texas (or other southern states) seems to be of no concern whatsoever to the Obama administration. The political goal of encouraging the maximum illegal immigration possible — and then granting amnesty to a wave of new voters — seems far more important than protecting America from a pandemic outbreak.

Many observers already believe that the mystery entero virus which has sent hundreds of U.S. children to hospitals all across the country probably entered the U.S. through the unsecured border. If Obama can send 3,000 U.S. troops to Sierra Leone, why can’t we send a few thousand enforcers to our own border with Mexico?

The insanity of leaving that border wide open during an international deadly pandemic is beyond description. This is beyond negligent; it is clearly deliberate.

#8) The government’s official advice of “don’t panic, don’t prepare” ensures a greater pandemic emergency during any outbreak

The U.S. government has actually gone out of its way to discourage the American people from taking basic preparedness precautions, long depicting preppers and survivalists as “radical elements” who might even pose a security risk to America, according to FBI warnings.

But in truth, preppers are the most calm people of all because they have nothing to fear from infrastructure disruptions, food supply shortages and even power grid failures. Preppers help keep communities safe and calm, and they’re the best positioned to help rebuild society after any pandemic.

So why does the U.S. government continue to demonize preppers? The intention, it seems, is to make sure nobody engages in preparedeness activities, thereby maximizing the victim status of the people. This, in turn, makes people more obedient to government because that’s where they must now turn for food, water, medicine and safety.

At every turn, the U.S. government seems to have encouraged victimization and actually taught people to do nothing for their own safety and preparedness. This is how nations are brought to their knees: strip away all self-reliance, then follow it up with a sweeping national catastrophe.

Learn real self-reliance for a pandemic outbreak at www.BioDefense.com

#9) The U.S. watched and waited, doing nothing during the original window of opportunity for halting Ebola six months ago

Ebola could have been stopped relatively easily in the spring of 2014. But even when infectious disease experts were sounding the warning many months ago, the U.S. government stood by and did nothing.

This was, in fact, a reflection of the entire international response which was lackluster at best. As Ebola ramped up into exponential growth, world political leaders were apparently too busy running for office and wooing voters to pay any attention to a deadly outbreak happening a continent away.

Obama’s dispatching of 3,000 troops long after the explosive spread of Ebola was already under way is nothing more than medical theater. The Pentagon’s ongoing construction of a reported 1,500 cots in makeshift medical tents isn’t going to make any kind of dent in a country where the CDC now estimates 1.4 million infections by the end of January.

Even worse, it exposes U.S. soldiers to a virus which we already know can be spread through the air. As Rand Paul recently asked, “Can you imagine if a whole ship full of our soldiers catch ebola?” [10]

Paul goes on to explain, “We should not underestimate the transmissibility of this… My suspicion is that it’s a lot more transmissible than that if people who are taking every precaution are getting it. There are people getting it who simply helped people get in or out of a taxicab.”

It’s hard not to consider the possibility that this was done in order to intentionally expose U.S. soldiers to Ebola, then bring them back home to spread the infection in yet more U.S. cities.

#10) The U.S. government has held the patent on Ebola since 2010

Finally, the U.S. government has claimed intellectual property ownership over the “invention” of the Ebola virus ever since 2010.

This brings up all sorts of important questions: Why did the government patent its “invention” of Ebola? Patents are filed in order to claim monopoly ownership over an invention. That’s the entire purpose of a patent, of course, and by patenting Ebola, the U.S. government is clearly stating that it believes it is the “inventor” of Ebola while seeking to restrict anyone else from using it.

Click here to read the patent for yourself.

Perhaps this is why Liberian scientist Dr. Cyril Broderick, Professor of Plant Pathology, believes Ebola is an engineered bioweapon. “Ebola is a genetically modified organism (GMO)” he declared in a front-page news story in the Liberian Observer. [8]

He goes on to explain:

[Horowitz] confirmed the existence of an American Military-Medical-Industry that conducts biological weapons tests under the guise of administering vaccinations to control diseases and improve the health of “black Africans overseas.”


The World Health Organization (WHO) and several other UN Agencies have been implicated in selecting and enticing African countries to participate in the testing events, promoting vaccinations, but pursuing various testing regiments.


Learn more Ebola truth here

Get prepared now with the free downloadable audio files at www.BioDefense.com

Listen to the astonishing interview with Steve Quayle and Doug Hagmann:

Read Mac Slavo’s articles at www.SHTFplan.com

Review the five biggest lies you’re being told about Ebola by reviewing this popular Natural News article.

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Weekend Blog Post: Saturday, September 13, 2014

Credit Photo: sandid

Credit Photo: sandid

Love that beautiful photo above that I found this week.

I share stuff that matters. This week I’ve come across many articles so it’s been hard to choose.

The fringe is very quickly becoming the main stream. We no longer have the luxury of remaining ignorant, dependent, or asleep in the days to come. There are some words and phrases frequently used by the fringe. We are creating a new paradigm that requires a new language.

Here’s what I mean:

Cabal ~ A secret group or political clique who promote BIG lies and major deceptions to humanity. The Cabal consists of Banksters and Industrialists at a very high level. They must keep truth from the people in order to continue in power, and now the advent of the worldwide Internet is posing their greatest threat ever, and their demise may be right around the corner.

False Flag ~ describes covert military or paramilitary operations designed to deceive in such a way that the operations appear as though they are being carried out by entities, groups or nations other than those who actually planned and executed them.

Sheeple ~ people compared to sheep in being docile, foolish, or easily led.  “by the time the sheeple wake up and try to change things, it will be too late.”

Ley Lines ~ It’s a straight fault line in the earth’s tectonic plates. The cracks in these tectonic plates produces a magnetic energy that is very powerful indeed. These ley lines run underground all over the world some of which are being suppressed by well known buildings and obelisks (a stone pillar set up as a monument or landmark).

Chemtrails ~ They  look like contrails initially, but are much thicker, extend across the sky and are often laid down in varying patterns of X’s, tic-tac-toe grids, cross-hatched and parallel lines. Instead of quickly dissipating, chemtrails expand and drip feathers and mare’s tails. In 30 minutes or less, they open into wispy formations which join together, forming a thin white veil or a ‘fake cirrus-type cloud’ that persists for hours.

Solar Flares ~ They are a brief eruption of intense high-energy radiation from the sun’s surface, associated with sunspots and causing electromagnetic disturbances on the earth, as with radio frequency communications and power line transmissions. They are also known as Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs).

Which brings me to the article I’m sharing with you today. Our planet has had two solar flares in the past week that created magnificent activity with the Auroras and could be seen as far south as Florida and beyond…

RT: Anticipate auroras: Second solar storm sweeps Earth after ‘extreme’ sun flare

Published time: September 12, 2014 21:47



Another extreme solar storm has struck Earth after two solar flares took place on an Earth-facing part of the sun. The two powerful blasts from the sun took place Wednesday, with the first storm hitting late Thursday.

“The second of the expected coronal mass ejections (CMEs) has arrived, and arrived in good agreement with the predicted arrival times,” the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Space Prediction Weather Center announced in Colorado.

The blasts were estimated at X1.6, putting it in the strongest ‘extreme’ class of solar flares.

The solar flare was accompanied by the release of superhot plasma, a coronal mass ejection (CME), with the first cloud reaching Earth late Thursday. Luckily, most of it is expected to pass north of Earth, causing a relatively weak solar storm.

It was launched from a sunspot called Active Region 2158 and was caught on camera by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory spacecraft, reported Space.com. The same region produced a smaller flare a day before that.

Unusual aurora light displays are being anticipated, with aurora borealis – also known as Northern Lights – expectedto be seen in northern parts of the US and Europe, as well as in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other parts of Russia’s central regions.

Reuters / NASA

Reuters / NASA

The effects of the second solar storm are also expected to include disruptions to the Earth’s power grid – power lines, radio transmissions, communication systems and satellites may be affected.

However, scientists don’t seem worried. “We’re not scared of this one,” Tom Berger, director of the Space Weather Prediction Center in Boulder, Colorado, told the Associated Press.

The US National Weather Service has issued a ‘geomagnetic’ storm watch until Saturday.

“Geomagnetic storms can cause some problems for the (power) grid but are typically very manageable,” Bill Murtagh, a space weather forecaster for NOAA, told USA Today.

“A G3 (Strong) Geomagnetic Storm Watch is still in effect for September 13th” said NOAA.



Weekend Blog Post: Saturday, August 23, 2014


Credit Photo: MontanaRosePainter

The above photo I came across melted my heart.

Sharing stuff that matters.

This week I have discovered quite by accident, an article on a topic that is a pet peeve of mine. A lot of people might say it’s just a conspiracy theory. I know better. Albert Einstein said it best when he said, “Sometimes your mind takes on a higher plane of knowledge but you can never prove how it got there.”

This is one of those times. I invite you to read this article with an open mind. Then, watch the videos below.

This is important stuff that people are burying their head in the sand about. It’s called Cognitive Dissonance ~ a mental conflict that happens when beliefs or assumptions are contradicted by new information.

Technology is enabling the “Truth” to come out and it is our duty as responsible human beings to look at the evidence that is being given to us by concerned citizens. Citizens who have taken the time to research, and for some, at great danger to themselves, been whistleblowers.

Read on. Then you decide.

Secret Whistleblower named: William Thompson, by Jon Rappoport, August 22, 2014


This is a quick one.  A video posted at the autism media channel names William Thompson, PhD, as the whistleblower.  His name is also posted at Age of Autism.

Thompson was indeed one of the authors of the 2004 De Stefano study that is accused of hiding the link between the MMR vaccine and autism.
Questions abound.  Does Thompson know his name has been revealed?  Was it done with his permission?  Is he ready to step forward and make a statement?

What about the other authors of that study?  What will they say?  If, as advertised, Thompson has the damning raw data that was excluded from the study, what will the other authors say about that?
More to come…

Jon Rappoport


And, then again the same day this…

Breaking: CDC whistleblower Thompson in grave danger now, by Jon Rappoport, August 22, 2014


William W Thompson, PhD…the CDC whistleblower…was escorted off the premises of the CDC campus yesterday afternoon. This is what a source has just told me.

Therefore, the CDC knows Thompson is the whistleblower.

He’s in danger.

I’ve also been told that the autism media channel, which had posted the video revealing Thompson’s name and outing him, is gone. The site is suddenly gone.

Threats of various kinds, at the very least, will now be applied to Thompson. Legal action, perhaps arrest, perhaps worse.

When it comes to vaccines and protecting that empire, the games are very serious. Deadly serious. The gloves come off.

People have to understand this, if Thompson disappears or shows up dead “as a suicide.”

Since Thompson isn’t, as of this moment, stepping forward himself to provide full disclosure on his past actions, and since his name is already out there….the best protection he has is other people.

Other people making his name and his dangerous situation known. That has to happen now.

Prior to this morning, Thompson had been standing in the shadows as an anonymous source, admitting that he cooked data to hide a connection between autism and the MMR vaccine.

Now other things are known. In 2007, he published a study on the effects of mercury (thimerosal) on babies and very young children—and he concluded that there were both positive and negative effects, but the effects on both sides were very small.

The study was used by the press and the government to trumpet the idea (the lie) that everybody could rest easy; vaccines containing mercury weren’t harming anyone.

Now, this, too, comes under scrutiny. If Thompson was lying about the MMR vaccine, did he also lie about mercury and its toxic effects? Did he intentionally underplay those effects? Did he cook the data in that study, too?

Thompson has been working at NCIR, the CDC’s National Center for Immunizations and Respiratory Diseases—until yesterday.

NCIR includes, in its mission statement, the following: “prevention of disease, disability, and death through immunization…” In other words, it’s a PR agency that promotes vaccines. Actual science about vaccine dangers would be cut off at the pass.

Thompson is looked at as a threat to this agenda.

His unwillingness to come all the way forward, speak his name, tell the whole truth has boomeranged on him. Predictable.

Psychiatric detention and drugging, threats of lawsuits for violating “confidentiality agreements,” arrest, “you’ll never get a job again,” and “sudden suicide” are all possibilities.

Shining a very bright light on Thompson and his situation is his best hope now.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at  NoMoreFakeNews.com.

Weekend Blog Post: Saturday, August 16, 2014

gorilla-61136_640I share stuff that matters.

This week’s passing of Robin Williams struck me to the core. Quite unexpectedly too. I was surprised his death would have that affect on me. While Main Stream Media (MSM) has been milking his death dry, I was hesitant to add another story into the mix. But, this one is a personal story that includes my sister, who is now deceased.

It was back in the early ’80’s and my sister was in Los Angeles for a quick trip with her boyfriend. He was off doing something and my sister was standing there waiting when a guy came up to her and tried to pick her up. The guy? You guessed it. Robin Williams. When her boyfriend came back on the scene and Robin Williams realized he made a mistake, he invited both of them to his house in Los Angeles Hills for a party. They went. She told us that he was just as zany in real life as he was on TV. But, she said something else….

Not only was he a brilliant actor and comedian but, what he really shined at was being a humanitarian. I’d like to share this precious clip I discovered this week of the Robin Williams I admired so much.

Meet Koko…

And Robin, may you connect with my sister on the other side. She will make you laugh too! But the two of you will have more in common than that. You are both beautiful souls who gave much love and laughter to this planet, but no matter how hard you tried, could not find the love that was there all the time…hidden deep down inside of yourselves.

So, Robin Williams…Go now. I know my sister will seek you out and embrace you not because of how famous you were, but because kindred spirits attract kindred spirits. She is happy these days. Robin Williams…Go now. May her loving arms give you the peace that evaded you here on earth.

Weekend Blog Post – Saturday, July 26, 2014



Welcome to my weekend blog where I share interesting photos and links to great content I run across during the week.

This week I have seen one of the most inspiring and hopeful video trailers I have ever watched.

There is a lot of turmoil on this planet right now as we all know. The world quite frankly, is having a breakdown.

There are millions of people who are actively seeking to create a world that works for everyone. These agents of change are everywhere. They walk silently.

This surge of activity toward losing discrimination and domination and creating a New Earth based on social justice, kindness, love, peace is taking place. We’re reaching a critical mass of people ready to take a stand for a new way.

But…we hear almost nothing about this in mainstream media.

So, I invite you to watch this:

 The Shift Movie Trailer

This film is different because it’s not being funded by wealthy Hollywood producers who become more wealthy in the process. It’s supported and funded by a movement…Us. We, the people.

Watch the trailer, enjoy, and if you feel moved, you can give your support to the shift that is already in the works.


We Are Not Your Sheeple


We have been referred to as “sheeple” by the infamous one percent. I resent that. I resent that my mind has been manipulated and controlled by this elitist group. In everything I do. Everywhere.

As we are awakening to a much larger plan for earth, these are the wildest, most intense times we’ve ever been in. Yet, if you look around everything looks EXACTLY THE SAME. You look out the window, you go for a walk, you smell the air…all the same.

There have been no large catastrophic events to speak of yet, but personally, it seems that everybody I know on a personal level is experiencing some kind of difficulty, or pain, or initiation, or depression, or anger, or FEAR.

The fact of the matter is that thanks to the internet, the truth is trickling in. People who once dismissed what they took to be outrageous statements are now going back to take a second look.

Recognizing some of the things that are going on in this world has not been easy. I followed my interests and my instincts and have studied many subjects from financial, to environmental, to spiritual. I gained a grasp of what was going on. I was not easy on me. I was laughed at and ridiculed.

However, when I read these articles on the false stories that have been foisted upon us, the general public, I felt a physical pain in my heart. I had a hard time breathing and I jumped up from where I had been sitting and started to pace. I broke down. I was having an Einstein moment…you know the one where “there comes a time when your mind takes on a higher plane of knowledge but can never prove how it got there.”

What I realize now was happening was that my world view, my understanding of government as being my protector was crushed. It felt like I had been hurled out onto the streets to fend for myself.

The first thing I did was I cried and I sobbed. And, then at some point I resigned myself in knowing that this thing was bigger than me and that I would have to take an pro-active role in educating other people about this.

Me. Who spent most of my life just trying to blend in was now being challenged to shine this light. I would have to risk that nice, comfortable way of being and exchange it for the chance of being called a flake, a conspiracy theorist, or worse, an utter whack job!

But I also knew that in order for me to maintain any sense of integrity, I couldn’t just let something like this go. And, so through all of this I have learned to trust myself. I trust myself now.

We, as citizens of this New Earth, we all need to take on the responsibility of learning and grasping this information for ourselves. But, what happens to most people when confronted by challenging new information is, they seek to preserve their current understanding of the world by rejecting, explaining away, or avoiding the new information. They convince themselves that no conflict really exists.

Epic change is upon us. We all know the “norms” for external living. We now need to get right with our own internal spirit and form a strong inner code for ourselves.

We’re all working through this collective consciousness uprising in our own ways. We are creating this New Earth from the inside out. We are the ones who must keep things transparent and honest for “truth is the only safe ground to stand on.”

How To Survive In a World Gone Mad!

This past weekend I learned a very important lesson about the world we live in and it is this: We are clinging to a world that no longer exists.

Yes, that’s right. We are waiting for things to get back to normal. We believe that what’s happening to us is only temporary. It’s not. The world has changed.

The choices we have made in the past got us to where we are right now. And, they worked for a certain period in time. But right here, right now, we have energy resources that are no longer sustainable. Our food and how we grow it is no longer sustainable. Our fresh water and how we distribute it, all changing. There are huge gaps between poverty and wealth, between education and illiteracy. And, as many blessings as technology gave us, it also disconnected us from nature, and from each other.

All of these crises are converging into this little window of time that is allowing us to look forward and embrace the new discoveries that are happening on this planet. That, and to build a new world that we all love and hold dear in our hearts. It’s an opportunity for us to choose to come together in a very precise way and create what scientist Gregg Braden terms “a coherent field.” 9/11 was the catalyst in changing how we view our world and what can be done.

According to Gregg Braden there are five false assumptions of science that we have believed in and lived by. It is the fifth false assumption he mentioned that made me sit up and take notice!

In the past we have believed the false assumption that nature is based on the model of “survival of the strongest.” Charles Darwin saw nature as a world of struggle and he interpreted the world through that lens. We’ve been led to believe in a world of scarcity. In other words, the way for us to get ahead was through fighting for our piece of the pie.  And fight we did!  World War I, World War II, Vietnam, and so on.

But, there was something inherently wrong with that view. Now, the best science of the 21st century is saying that nature is based on a model that is referred to in biology as “mutual aid and co-operation.” And, while violent competition still occurs…we certainly see it in the world, it is a distortion of nature’s deepest truths of co-operation and mutual aid.

So, how to survive…

1.  We can’t keep fighting things we don’t like. When we work together to create things we need as a nation, and to bind us as a human family of communities, we form a bond that is much stronger than when we fight one another.

2.  Violent Competition is detrimental to our health.  It is a corruption of our truest natures.  Mutual aid and Co-operation is a powerful strategy for our survival.

3.  We need only look to our own body for the answers.  We have 50 trillion cells within our bodies that must all work together to keep us healthy, viable, and sustainable. We need to pay attention to our bodies.  They talk to us and let us know when to rest, when to exercise, when to eat.  And, when those cells in our bodies don’t work together, we call it disease.  If it breaks down further, we call it death.

4.  Our hearts are the strongest electromagnetic generators in our bodies. This is the way to sustain life on this planet because we are all connected energetically through our hearts.  Did you know that 9/11 demonstrated just how much influence we do have?  That, according to readings from satellites, the earth’s electromagnetic fields were influenced by 100’s of thousands of hearts outpouring emotion in response to 9/11.  That, simultaneous human emotion which is consistent and coherent can actually create a very, very viable field. And, you certainly don’t have to know science to remember that for a few days after 9/11, our world was very close.  We were a family…unlike anything we’ve seen for a very long time.

5. Civilization is cyclical.  Know this.  We can learn from our past.  And instead of asking “What’s in it for me?”, try asking “What can I contribute to this new world that’s emerging?”

Those simple shifts will help us.