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JULY 15th
9am Pac/12pm East

Have Heart, Have Wealth
~ with Nadine Mercey

Leadership. No business grows without it.
Every business needs it. Every employee values it.

Leading a team, group, organization or enterprise is always challenging. However, if we simply lead from Balance Sheets and Income statements, we’re missing the single biggest opportunity to improve and grow business.

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JULY 16th
11am Pac/2pm East

The Lens That Wins
~ with Ronnie Doss

In business and life we simply need to shift our insight to change our outcomes. Many people operate from a right now mindset but the cycle of seasons tells us that we must continually be planting seeds of opportunity and continuing to work even when we don't see the payoff. Contribution is the seed that eventually produces a payoff that is consistent and more than sufficient. What we believe ultimately drives our behavior and consistent behavior is the key to consistent success.
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JULY 17th
11am Pac/2pm East

Getting To the Heart of Business and Build Your Tribe
~ with Paul Tobey

If you are a speaker, author, leader, CEO and you have been called to LEAD and BUILD YOUR TRIBE, you must learn how to quickly get to the HEART of your leadership and master the Art of Public Speaking.

* How to use Suggestology to create hunger and desire in your prospective clients WITHOUT selling.

* How to make your $1 Million Dollar Shock and Awe ONE-SHEET that can get you booked by producers all over the world and help you leverage your tribe and increase your Influence.

* And my EXACT steps on how to create an Irresistible Opening - a powerful Template that will hook your audience's mind and keep it hooked - deep!

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JULY 19th
11am Pac/2pm East

Do Go-Givers Really Sell More In Today’s Economy?
~ with Bob Burg

Shifting your focus from “getting to giving” ”
is far from just nice…it’s also very financially profitable!

When Bob Burg, coauthor of the international bestseller, The Go-Giver,
speaks about “giving,” he’s talking in terms of “constantly and consistently providing value to the lives of others.”

JULY 22nd
9am Pac/12pm East

How to create a GLOBAL social movement with NO social media experience.
~ with Kim MacGregor

• Find out the 3 key ingredients you MUST have in creating your idea
• Find out how to get the attention of celebrities to help propel your idea
faster and further
• Discover the best way to "go viral"
• Discover how to leverage your idea to create your social platform.

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July 22nd
11am Pac/2pm East

Mining For Gold…You need to own those treasures you find in your soul.
~ with Deb Hall

Find out how a 42 year old desk sloth suffering from exhaustion, anxiety and run-away monkey mind threw out her bottle of Ritalin forever in half a hockey
season restoring happiness, integrity, and grace so much it hurt!

• Your mental health isn't a luxury, it's a necessity.
• Connect the dots of mental traps and overlooked strengths
• Rekindle that spark you were born with
• Stay cool and calm in the midst of chaos
• This is your starting gate!

JULY 23rd
9am Pac/12pm East

Transform Your Business With The 9 Principles
Of Heart-Centered Success.

~ with Alisoun Mackenzie

• Learn why love and kindness are great for business
• Hear how to make more of a difference in the world, through your business
• Discover what’s holding you back from the success you deserve

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JULY 23rd
11am Pac/2pm East

Is Your Business Seeing with Heart?
~ with Dr. Mitch Tishler

Would you like to:

• See problems as opportunities
• Communicate with greater clarity
• Work more comfortably with bosses and coworkers
• Navigate career changes with confidence

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July 24th
11am Pac/2pm East

Freeing the Future: Bringing the Power of Completion to Your Work Life
~ with Ramsay Raymond

Integrity, authenticity, and responsibility are familiar touchstones for our success in work and life.

When certain limiting patterns of behavior keep showing up in our work lives, it's easy to lose heart over the possibility of ever realizing our true potential.

• Learn 4 keys to resolving past events and relationships so you can work with greater integrity, clarity, and joy

• Find out how the power of completion can help you to shake loose from past identities or assumptions that limit what is possible for you and others

• Explore how this clearing creates a free inner space that may generate futures beyond what you think is possible

JULY 25th
9am Pac/12pm East

Tap Into The Listening Power Of Your Audience: How To Talk So You’re Heard And Understood.
~ with Anthony Lindan

• Learn the three universal listening triggers that foster personal connection and engagement.
• Learn how to genuinely project your authentic expertise and confidence.
• Learn how to be more influential and persuasive by boosting your
likeability, believability and credibility.

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JULY 26th
9am Pac/12pm East

Called by Excellence
~ with Melanie M. Davis

It is time to shift out of the old mindset of using hype and flashing lights to attract clients and business.

• Flow into a place of integrity and authenticity while attracting the people you actually enjoy without compromise.
• Called by Excellence lays the groundwork to shifting your business into that place you know you are meant to be ..... and succeed!

Your Wisdom + Your Business = a Wisdom Business Evolution

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JULY 26th
11am Pac/2pm East

The 7-Step True Livelihood Process: Uncover, Create, and Successfully Market Your Passionate Work!
~ with George Kao

Is there a simple, effective pathway to clarify, build, and realize one's true livelihood?

After years of intensively coaching of hundreds of entrepreneurs, George Kao has discovered the 7 steps that ALL successful small business owners go through.
If you have yearned to create your highest and most authentic work -- that which you came to Earth to do -- look no further. This call may be the answer you seek.

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