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The True Livelihood Community (TLC) is an online community for spiritually-minded or values-based entrepreneurs — and aspiring entrepreneurs —to acquire the necessary skills and networks to successfully create their true livelihood.

How TLC Works:

For a monthly membership fee of $60, TLC members gain access to high quality trainings about creating one’s true livelihood, expert and community support to help you create your true livelihood, and valuable marketing exposure to dozens of potential referral partners for your program/services.

We envision a new paradigm of business that embraces cooperation over competition, joy of work instead of boredom and stress, community instead of separation and isolation, WE-first instead of me-first thinking, inspiring visions that support all instead of “bottom-line” obsession, and the love of power being finally replaced by the power of love.

This is TLC: a new network that truly represents our spiritual values and creates the kind of world we want to live in.

TLC Membership Benefits

Learning Opportunities:

  • The 7-Step True Livelihood Process – live sessions (recorded) taught by George Kao – in how to discover and implement your true livelihood!
  • Multiple discussion groups — Enlightened Business Building, Spirituality & Money, Conscious Relationships, Holistic Health, and even a Tech Support forum!
  • Complete menu of transformational programs offered by other TLC Members.  Some of these programs are not offered anywhere else!
  • Products and Services that cover a wide range of topics including: Enlightened Business Creation, Spiritual Development, Conscious Relating, and others

Business Opportunities:

  • A safe supportive space where you get all the puzzle pieces for creating your True Livelihood, so you can bring your great gifts that the world is waiting for.
  • Opportunity to develop and test out new ideas in a supportive community.
  • Opportunities to present – and sell – your work to the entire TLC membership community.
  • Opportunity to be featured in a TLC Podcast.
  • Opportunity to be featured in the TLC Blog.
  • Amazing networking opportunities with other conscious entrepreneurs, which can extend your reach, establish potential partnerships and many business relationships, including potential clients.
  • Receive genuine testimonials for the products and programs you create and offer in TLC, which you can then put on your website to inspire client confidence and more enrollments!
  • Option to become a Mentor within the community and earn income through the Refer and Enroll process, a new model for creating income that is based on collaboration and abundance, instead of scarcity and competition.

Social Connection Opportunities:

  • Access to the entire inspiring TLC community through forums, chat spaces, and discussion groups.
  • Opportunity to connect, share, and collaborate with inspired, visionary, and high-achieving conscious entrepreneurs who are dedicated to building and maintaining thriving businesses while putting their highest values first.
  • A place to come to wholeness so you are no longer seduced by fear and greed in marketing.
  • Chance to be part of creating a whole new business paradigm, a haven for conscious entrepreneurs, and a unique transformational teaching-learning environment.
  • Opportunity to come together with other visionaries to explore evolutionary ideas about the role of money, new economic models and business structures for the 21st century and beyond./li>
  • A supportive loving community so you won’t have to feel like you are alone and struggling to make a living. The end of isolation in running your business!

How You Can Get Involved in TLC:

Join TLC through Humanity’s Team — thereby supporting yourself in your True Livelihood while also supporting Humanity’s Team’s mission!

Join TLC now!