Please Don’t Eat The Daisies

We should give the common flower the chance to captivate us.”


You know you’re too busy when…there is not enough time in the day to sit in stillness. To give yourself a chance to reclaim your true nature. Not those times when you throw yourself into bed at night in pure exhaustion. But that special kind of silence, like the early morning tranquility before the rest of the world begins to stir in wakefulness.

To listen to the birds chirp their magical songs. And actually hear it. And enjoy it. Not brush it away like background noise. That kind of quiet when you lay on your back in the grass on a warm summer’s day and draw pictures in the sky with the clouds. Or, to inhale the fragrance of tomatoes growing in the garden, recalling the sweetness of biting into one you just plucked off the vine.

Those small, seemingly insignificant times are the verifiable, authentic, honest-to-goodness priceless moments we so casually whisk away.

It’s time. To impact change in every part of this planet. In every nook and cranny. Beginning with yourself.

Your very own life choices will increase as if by magic if you do this:

Those words that you so casually throw out to the people you come in contact with every day are, in fact, very powerful. Every word has power.

So, change your thought and speech patterns!  The time is now to make a difference because every thought you think and every word you say is vibrating out to the world. And, it is affecting every person in this world on some level. For, as you create your words, you create your (and our) destiny.

Once you comprehend that by speaking, thinking, and acting clearly with soaring, high-energy intent…by thinking coherent thoughts in a directed way…your thoughts will beam out like laser magic, and you can achieve great results!  Almost instantaneously!

You see, your sub-conscious mind acts only in the present moment. Even if you’re talking about someone else, your sub-conscious mind thinks you’re talking about yourself, because it only responds to the key words you use. Your very own self-worth may be less than what it could be because your sub-conscious mind accepts all your words as truth!

Let me give you an example. Words or phrases like “That’s not bad” changes to “That’s quite good.” Or, “No problem” changes to “You’re very welcome.” Or, “That’s bad” changes to “That’s not good.” Or, “I’m sick” becomes “I don’t feel well.”

Start switching your key words. Why? Because your inner mind does not process negative commands. “Do NOT think of a big grey hippo.” “Do NOT think of a big grey hippo in a pink tutu dancing on his toes.” What are you trying not to remember?

Your sub-conscious mind cannot process what is NOT. It simply responds to the words you have given it. I hear people all the time saying “No problem” when they really mean “You’re welcome” or, “It’s my pleasure.”

Just think what the sub-conscious mind actually hears. It doesn’t hear “no,” it just hears “problem.” So, switching your language gives you a brilliant solution for stopping non-productive inner self-talk.

When you actively, knowingly, switch on your inner self-talk, you can gain control of your life and your emotions. Your words are gifts that you give and receive. And, you have the ability today to make someone, including yourself, feel much better about life and themselves.

And, to slow down and take the time to inhale the scent of a common flower and give it a chance to let it captivate you.