Hearts are wild creatures. That’s why our ribs are cages.”


The purpose of these calm moments for the past six years has not been to predict the future.

The purpose has been to give you, the reader, and primarily those of you participating in The Calm Program and The Eris Point, an opportunity to become aware of how the changing circumstances and the changing rules of the game might affect you as they are unfolding.

I tried to be as kind as possible while at the same time gently nudging you and inviting you into areas that would influence each of us individually, and all of us collectively. This in turn would affect how mass consciousness would experience themselves as the shift of consciousness unfolds.

And then with the new skills and capabilities you were mastering…clear the thoughts and emotional patterns of fear, of worry, of being off-balance as you become aware of these changing circumstances prior to them taking place.

You see, it’s these thoughts and emotions that we each hold within ourselves that actually creates our world and allows these external experiences to exist.

So, by clearing the patterns of fear that we each hold within us before the event occurs, we become less affected by the events when they actually arrive. And, as with many changes, change just happens. It doesn’t announce itself.

So, to live a life of more freedom you must break that cage wide open. Physically and mentally.

Go ahead…

Bust loose so you can live fully in that wild heart of yours by:

Saying [with kindness] what’s on your mind.
Clearing that mind chatter by getting out of your head [for a bit anyway].
Trusting your gut.
Loving fully and fiercely.
Standing up for what you believe in.
Starting new hobbies and smashing bad habits.
Wearing out your passport.
Knowing when you need a rest and some time alone.
Being an unashamed expression of you ~ cluttered, wacky, kooky + beautifully blossoming.

Yup. What has been coming has now arrived. We’ve arrived at a new planetary time of choice. How will you choose?