If you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought.”

…Mildred Norman Ryder

Just think. What would happen if every thought you had came true? What if every fear you had came true on-the-spot? Would you choose your words differently? Would you choose the words you allow to come into your head more carefully?

And, what if everything you said about someone else came true for you instead? Would you think kinder thoughts about them? Would you now treat them with more respect?

Well, here’s the good news. In this new world that we are oh so quickly moving into, our mental and emotional body are re-merging. And, as we bring those two bodies back into alignment, we begin to think with our heart and act from the wisdom of our soul. A very different thought process.

And, as this is happening, words like resentment and rage and anger and depression are being cleared out of our realities. But, as they are leaving here’s what many of us are doing…

We are sabotaging ourselves by grabbing a hold of….let’s say…our divorce from 20 years ago and think “Why is this happening?”

Well, that is the worst question you can ask at this time. Because its all leaving…it’s all coming out. But, if you grab a hold of it and ask that question ~ you get an answer.  “Well, don’t you remember 20 years ago when he/she said…”  All of a sudden the energy that is attached to that thought becomes even more alive.

I know this to be true from my own personal experience! If you remember, I have said in the past that our thoughts are electrical and our emotions are magnetic. Well, here’s what I  discovered.

When we allow racism, and sexism, and anger, and depression into our thoughts, it sits between those two layers of mental electrical thought and emotional magnetic adherence. And, it begins to be like the “Princess and the Pea.” We can feel that “pea” in our bed while we try to sleep. The worst part is that “pea” feels like a boulder!  And, letting go of these old thoughts may not be easy for many people.

But, our mental and emotional body are being re-merged for very specific reasons. As the mental and emotional body are brought back into alignment and we become more conscious of our choice, we are going to find that we now have different choices available to us.

And, this is where the intoxication of thoughts and words come in. Thoughts and words are very, very powerful you see.

The transition of this world we live in is very much focused on words. Because we create our world with our thoughts and our words.” Every new decision, every new invention, every symphony or piece of art began with just one thought. Our thoughts and words need to be clearly directed to produce great results don’t you think?

It’s time for all of us to change the thoughts and words we use internally to describe our experience. Our thoughts are pure and powerful energy…Like a power source. So, choose your words wisely! Your future life depends on it.