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Fear. What Is It Good For? Absolutely Nothing.


change-717488_640“A miracle is a shift in perception from fear to love.”

…Marianne Williamson

Easy to say. Not so easy to do.

Especially since we’ve been weened on fear since birth. It’s been part of our conditioning. A part of our limited thinking.

You know, things that were said to us as we were growing up like “Money doesn’t grow on trees you know” or, “You wait until your father gets home.” This limiting fear belief is unconscious and so it is difficult to recognize. And, you seldom question it because you are not even aware that it is a belief.

And, since fear keeps us forever revving our motor…constantly thinking about how fast we can solve this problem, or the warp-speed with which we can finish up that task, there is never any time for us to slow down or get out of the rat race.

This, of course ultimately takes its toll on us. In ways we haven’t been able to imagine until recently. Things like depression and mental health issues that have reached epidemic levels.

But, here’s something to ponder. “If you look underneath your depression, you’ll find anger. Look under your anger, and you’ll find sadness. And under sadness is the root of it all, what’s really masquerading all the while…fear.”

Well, this changes everything! And, I sense that there’s a part of ourselves that is longing to be born and it requires only our nourishing attention.

If we begin to understand that our emotions (like fear) create our body chemistry, then we can change how we feel, we won’t need drugs to keep us going, and best of all, we won’t be depressed.

So, we now have a new way to think. Look at it this way: We are no longer a machine made up of a body being pushed around by a brain, at the mercy of an electrical charge that keeps our hearts beating and our nerve impulses crackling.

No. We can now see ourselves as an intelligent system, one that involves a massive synchronized exchange of information between mind and body. Our cells are literally talking to each other, and our brain is in on the conversation!

As I said earlier….This changes everything! It means our true identity is very connected to our feelings and our emotions. This not only gives us a new self-concept but a new sense of integrity as well.

For, as we begin to realize that our body has wisdom, this calls for a new kind of responsibility on our part. We can no longer act like a dumb machine and wait to be fixed by a mechanic (also known as a doctor). Now we must consciously take an active role in our own healing.

We no longer need to go around promoting how happy we are when we don’t really feel that way. No longer do we need to keep our feelings hidden, for fear others will be indifferent to our sorrows or anger.

It is this problem of bruised and broken emotions that most of us stagger under without ever saying a word. NOT. ANYMORE.

Here’s why.

Feelings represent a tremendous amount of concentrated information. And the clearer and stronger the feelings, the more knowledge of the Universe it contains.

In the end, it is our feelings that are able to scan all the information from our outside environment. It is through feelings, not through our mind or intellect that we are able to perceive the truth.

Think of it as a reset for the mind and the body. This is the new thinking that is required to help move us into the “new normal” we are now living in. How cool is that?!!