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Can’t Keep Up? A Surefire Way to Open New Doors


“My heart says bacon and beer but my jeans say, for the love of God dude, eat a fucking salad.”


I’ve been told very recently that I am on a threshold. A threshold of what??!! All I know is that I think I’m having writer’s block and the above quote adequately expresses where I’m at these days.

You know…those times in your life when you roam around the house confused about what you should be doing. And, in what order! So, you go to the fridge and look for something to eat. Anything. Because all you’re really looking for is some comfort.

You stuff your mouth with food…but there’s still a lack, a hole if you will that needs to be plugged.

Well, it’s at these times when you’re feeling at your most vulnerable, your most anxious, your most worried…that you should it a “fucking salad??!!!”

Well, that’s a start. But, here’s what is really happening and why you should take heart….

This anxiety that you’re feeling, this confusion about which way to go, these emotions that are bubbling up are there to help you bring your own information, your own knowing forward. To remember, if you will, what you already know.

We have been steered away from exploring emotion because it’s through emotion that we can figure things out. For you see, our emotions connect us with the spiritual body. And, the spiritual body is of course, non-physical. We can’t see it, or touch it.

So, this unwanted nervousness, this concern, this uneasiness, this tension is really here to tell us we are on the threshold of something wonderful. An unopened door. Because it’s usually just before a breakthrough that these emotions raise their little heads and want to be fed. And, we continue to feed them by ignoring these emotions and going into FEAR mode.

We must break the spell. Break the spell on the human psyche that’s kept us in a hypnotic trance so that we forget the true genius, the magnificence of who we are!

This FEAR that we all go into, is simply old emotional baggage that we keep unnecessarily carrying around with us. Next time you reach for a bag of chips, or a chocolate bar. Stop yourself. See that emotion, feel that emotion, sit with that emotion if you have to. But don’t react. In time, it will go away. And, each time you do this, that emotion will become smaller and smaller….until one day…

Those hunger pains will be gone. A new door has been opened and you’ll have crossed the threshold into a whole new world! Because on the other side of FEAR lies FREEDOM!

As my mom always taught me…”Healthy Body. Healthy Mind.” Now, for the love of God…where’s my “fucking salad?”