How Million Dollar Moments Work

Snow ball

“Sometimes crying or laughing are the only options left, and laughing feels better right now.”
…Veronica Roth,
Author of Divergent

Today I want to laugh. It’s good medicine. It ignites serotonin in your brain…you know, that stuff…those neurotransmitters that nourish us with feelings of bliss.

So, today I started a project. It’s called “The Million Dollar Moments Project” and here’s how it works:

When you experience a moment in your day that makes you stop. A moment when you smile and think to yourself  “This is why the sun is shining today.” Or, a moment when you’re overcome because of some random act of kindness that you witnessed. Or, a moment  bringing to your awareness that this really is “A Wonderful World,”  I want you to do something.

It could be a large momentous moment. It could be a simple quiet moment. But, it is a moment in your day that makes you pause. A moment that takes your breath away. A Million Dollar Moment.

And, then here’s what I want you to do: Write me and share with me your amazing “Million Dollar Moment” story. Courageous moments, kind moments, optimistic moments, proud moments,  bittersweet moments, loving moments. We all have transformational moments in our life that changed the path we were on. They all count.

That’s it. And, for every “Million Dollar Moment” story you share with me, I will ship to you a copy of my own “Million Dollar Moments” book for F.REE!  No strings attached. No shipping charges. Nothing. Just a gift from my heart to yours.

So, let’s start a snowball. (Hey, it’s winter here in Canada eh. And, we all live in Igloos!) That snowball is at the top of the mountain now. Let’s watch how big it gets by rolling down the hill. One Million Dollar Moment at a time.

Million Dollar Moments of old…

Million Dollar Moments Today…