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How To Soul Dive and Ride The Wave of Change


“Right on the other side of the moment you’re ready to quit is the moment just before the miracle happens. Don’t Quit.”
…Deborah L. Hall

Holy crap! There have been some strong energetic signatures out there lately. Some people have felt pushed to the brink, having too much responsibility, and feeling over-burdened. Expectations seem to be unrealistic and border on absurdity or, almost on insanity.

For some of us, we have taken a deep dive into our feelings, our thoughts, our life patterns, our life journey. A soul dive if you will. We’ve gone deep into ourselves where there seems to be an electric current poking and prodding us to shed, to release, to cleanse, to awaken.

Perhaps you have days when there is clarity and a certain peace. Then these days are followed by restlessness, uncertainty, and disquieting feelings. Days where you feel that something must be going wrong and it needs to be changed…and quickly, but, realize you don’t have the energy to make these changes happen.

Does that sound familiar to any of you? You are not alone.

Keep in mind something that is fundamental to us as humans. Something that is not understood as yet but, is absolutely prevalent  in everything we do. And it is this:

Thoughts are electrical.  Emotions are magnetic. This is electricity that is moving through your energy field and the collective field of humanity. Transporting us, and in some cases, hauling us into clearing. It is never-ending and can drive you mad! One day you feel an immense sadness, then the next a beautiful, bedazzling moment of clarity.

So, what we need to do in a way that won’t drive us crazy is to ride the wave of these inner-thoughts and feelings. Just allow the chaos of these experiences rise and fall in you. Surrender to this. Don’t fight it or judge it for if you resist, it will just seem harder almost like it’s “fighting” against you.

Our world is in transition. And, now when you find yourself at the bottom of the ocean, instead of being in fear, realize that you can in fact feel safe and find new space to be in. Because once you realize that you have a choice to go forward in a new way…one without limitations, you can allow that seeming chaos in.

For, it comes from those impulses of electricity that is driving us all right now. Asking us to flow with the change. Asking us to find re-birth within this change. And, to lose the old sense of identity, the one with boundaries and limitations. That we will in fact be safe without our old ways.

Can you accept that where you find yourself today whether it be in clarity or massive restlessness, it only requires that you not be in judgement, that you need only have great compassion from you, and for you?

So, stop buying into the stress and speed and busyness of life and this week pay attention to the energy of those around you. Keep the company of people with nutritious energy and not those that are toxic to your soul.

Can you love yourself despite what you might be feeling this week? Can you let the layers of human judgement and domination we have all absorbed and identified with, fall away?  Even if it looks and feels messy?

Because it is there that we find the peace that lies at the bottom of the ocean. For, once we accept how different it seems, we begin to realize how safe and connected it all is. You are very loved. Never forget that.

As seen in this beautiful short video between Wayne Dyer and Esther Hicks, it is sometimes when life seems most difficult that the greatest shifts are made and profound insight attained.  Don’t Quit.