The 7 Things You Need to Stay Happy and Healthy


“You can fool yourself some of the time. You can fool others some of the time. But, you can never fool your body. It is the most sensitive barometer of your inner world.”

…Sherrill Sherman

 What you put into your body is up to you. The same goes for your mind. But know this. Both are inter-connected. The mind leads. The body follows.

Big Pharma wants it to be drugs. It not only wreaks havoc with your body, but it messes up your mind as well. Nature supports life, but sadly its advertising is lost on many people.

Raw. Food. Heals…Fact.

It is up to us to keep the cells in our body full of energy and operating at optimal performance. How do we do that?

The science of being happy and healthy really comes down to 7 things…

1. Exercise
2. Diet and Nutrition
3. Service and Contribution/Spiritual
4. Time in Nature
5. Relationships
6. Relaxation and Stress Management
7. Recreation

That includes music! Listen below to this wonderful song “Medicine For The People – The Budding Tree.” You can feel the love. It makes me smile from ear to ear.

Anchor these 7 things in your life every day. Build a new habit. Wake the dreams into realities. And, listen to your body. “The body talks and meditation helps.”