Silence is Golden


There is power in silence.

To be able to calm the mind of wandering thoughts is intoxicating because we are giving ourselves permission to raise our consciousness, our vibration level.

There are certainly times when silence is golden. In keeping our lips buttoned instead of the whispering, the gossiping, the back-stabbing, and the lying that seems to go on day after day. Then, silence is most definitely golden.

But, there is also danger too…

We spend so much time listening to what other people are saying that we neglect to pay attention to what they are not. It is then, that silence becomes something ugly. It is then that silence becomes the leftovers of fear.

Here is a short, powerful TEDtalks speech from the heart about the courage to speak out against social injustice and ignorance.  The Danger of Silence…

If we remain silent when we should be doing something…it makes cowards of us all. We must stop asking permission when none is required.

The only way to know the difference?

To take care of yourself. To go inside and get silent with yourself. To look for the hero inside your heart.