What Exactly Are The Third and Fourth Dimensions?

Credit Photo: goldenageofgaia.com

Credit Photo: goldenageofgaia.com

We are beginning to hear these expressions all the time. “We’ve moved out of third dimension.” “There will never be another baby born in the third dimension.”

So, what exactly does third dimension and fourth dimension mean?

Many of us feel, or intuitively know that we are moving out of an existence we’ve been used to living (third dimension) and passing through (fourth dimension) to enter into another (fifth dimension) we know nothing about.

The first thing we should all know is that dimensions are not places but instead, different levels of consciousness each with its own traits and ways of thinking and feeling.

Third Dimension

At this level of consciousness we have been living under very rigid boundaries and we have been operating within certain structures and certain vibrations. One of those vibrations is FEAR. In our efforts to get to know ourselves better we have incarnated many times upon the Earth. We left behind our Higher Selves and therefore lost our connection to the Creator.

So, in this perception of separation we have been behaving like deserted children and have been experiencing the energy we call fear. Fear made it more difficult to move freely because it created this rigid boundary. The result has been that we’ve taken on very uncomfortable characteristics such as being the victim, feeling guilty, having resistance to new ideas, and dis-ease.

We have been very successful at this third-dimensional game. Our struggle against violence and cruelty is only treating the symptoms of the third-dimensional dis-ease, not curing it. And, because of this reaction, it has closed down our ability to learn and grow and to re-member our Higher Selves, to re-merge with our Soul. Many of us have stopped living our passion and are living trapped in a web of fear. Now is the time to realize…YOU are the cure.

Fourth Dimension

I’m sure you’ve heard the expressions “Be Present” or “Live in the Now.” That is fourth dimension.

In fourth dimension the past is simply observing our history without the emotional charge. The future is an opportunity waiting to present itself in the NOW moment through choice. In other words, yesterday has no relevance on tomorrow. The eternal present is all there is.

To take this one step further, our decisions are conscious choices made in the present moment. In other words, what we think is what we will experience in the moment. There is no lag-time. So, be careful what you think…as what you think about will manifest.

In fourth dimension we have “choice.” It replaces the third dimension emotional response of “reaction.” Choice allows us to have flexibility. This creates a greater ability to look at different possibilities to produce a whole lot of different outcomes. Fourth dimension allows you to take back your power. Why? Because its expansiveness (not rigidity) gives you the ability to choose.

This opens up our possibilities of what to experience, to release judgements, and to increase our ability to allow. In fourth dimension, we are constantly moving toward balance and re-alignment. Toward re-membering.

This structure is very open and fascinating because it allows for all possibilities. Well-being, Gratitude, the Inner Smile, Love are all options in the fourth dimension. As soon as we become fearful, it places us back in the third dimension of reaction and limitation.

It is time for us to come into our power. There is no reason for us to feel unworthy, unwanted, or unloved anymore. It is time to let go of those old thoughts and patterns. You see, the battle we are fighting is not against a particular race, or nation. It is against human nature itself…or at least what it has become.

It is time to re-member we are great beings of love and light. You will know when it’s time to help. You will know when it’s time to awaken. You will know when it’s time to re-member WHO YOU ARE.

Once we stand up for ourselves in love, we will start to shine like the sun!