Weekend Blog Post – Saturday, July 26, 2014



Welcome to my weekend blog where I share interesting photos and links to great content I run across during the week.

This week I have seen one of the most inspiring and hopeful video trailers I have ever watched.

There is a lot of turmoil on this planet right now as we all know. The world quite frankly, is having a breakdown.

There are millions of people who are actively seeking to create a world that works for everyone. These agents of change are everywhere. They walk silently.

This surge of activity toward losing discrimination and domination and creating a New Earth based on social justice, kindness, love, peace is taking place. We’re reaching a critical mass of people ready to take a stand for a new way.

But…we hear almost nothing about this in mainstream media.

So, I invite you to watch this:

 The Shift Movie Trailer

This film is different because it’s not being funded by wealthy Hollywood producers who become more wealthy in the process. It’s supported and funded by a movement…Us. We, the people.

Watch the trailer, enjoy, and if you feel moved, you can give your support to the shift that is already in the works.